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Liam Hemsworth's rumoured new girlfriend Maddison Brown breaks her silence on their relationship

Liam was first linked to the Aussie actress back in October.

By Jess Pullar
Liam Hemsworth can quite safely be considered one of Australia's most desired bachelors, with many of his fans (ahem, ourselves included) pretty keen to know whether he's dating anyone at the moment.
That's why in October, the world went certifiably nuts when pictures of Liam and a mystery woman sharing an intimate embrace were published.
The woman was later revealed to be none other than Maddison Brown, a 22-year-old Australian actress who is currently based in Atlanta.
But since then, we've been given very little detail as to the status of her and Hemsworth's relationship... until now that is.
Maddison Brown, who is rumoured to be dating Liam Hemsworth has finally spoken up about their relationship. (Instagram /@maddisonbrown)
Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Maddison finally broke her silence on Liam after being questioned about whether she is single.
And her answer was... not to answer.
"I'm not answering that question," she told the publication, before adding: "My rule is not talking about my personal life".
Maddison likes to keep her private life... private. (Instagram /@maddisonbrown)
Elaborating on her career as an actress, and her rise to fame, the stunning strawberry blonde put things rather eloquently: "I've never pursued fame to be famous, but I have always understood fame as being a by-product of success."
She added: "As a model or as an actor when you are successful in those industries, fame eventually becomes a part of it and so I just see it as being part of the job."
While the actress is currently based in the States, she plans to spend Christmas back in Australia, presumably with her family.
And rather conveniently, that's exactly where Liam will likely be too - it's understood he's been spending plenty of time in Byron Bay where his older brother Chris Hemsworth lives with his young family.
Liam has been spending plenty of time back home in Australia. (Instagram / @liamhemsworth)
Maddison also opened up on what it was like to be at the centre of gossip surrounding the actor, who made headlines earlier this year when he split from Miley Cyrus after less than a year of marriage.
"I can understand it from an objective point of view why people are interested," she told the publication.
"I understand it, it's human nature… everyone wants gossip. It doesn't really bother me too much I don't really pay attention to it."
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Miley herself has also been linked to several well-known faces in the months since the break up.
Headlines were rife when Miley was seen sharing a smooch with US reality star Kaitlynn Carter, but it seems a romance didn't last long between the pair.
Now, the former Disney star is dating another Aussie - Cody Simpson, and it seems things are pretty solid between the two.
In November, a source told E! News that they were "fine and are still dating," despite some reports that they were no longer together.
Cody and Miley are also rather public with their displays of affection, often sharing cute couple pics to their Instagram accounts.
As long as both Miley and Liam are both happy in whatever their new relationship status is, we're happy for them!
Miley and Cody Simpson are still dating, according to reports. (Instagram)

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