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Liam Hesmworth and Miley Cyrus celebrate Christmas together

There's nothing like Christmas to bring the people together. Or in Liam Hemsworth's case, a tad on the outskirts.

By Bella Brennan
The Cyrus clan's Christmas celebrations are in full swing!
Miley's older sister Brandi, 29, shared a group shot of her loved ones, including younger sister Noah, singer Miley Cyrus, her partner Liam, mum Tish, dad Billy Ray Cyrus and their sons Noah, Trace and Braison.
In the snap, 24-year-old Miley stands in the centre in a brightly-coloured dressing gown giving the two thumbs up.
Two adorable dogs also made the cut but it was Aussie actor Liam Hemsworth that truly stole the show,
Looking a little left out, the 26-year-old stands at the end of the line-up with his hands crossed and his lips pursed.
It didn't take long for fans to comment on the hilarious pic.
"Liam looks so out of place," one user noted.
"He's a cardboard cutout, right?" Another added.

"Liam is like 'I'm a Cyrus, but not really,'" someone else joked.
But not everyone agreed. "Oh my goodness, Miley and Liam, you are the perfect couple in the whole world," a fan penned.
In another touching pic from the gathering, the Wrecking Ball hitmaker shared a photo of her cuddling up to Liam's rescue dog Dora.
Since rekindling their romance a year ago, Miley and Liam have been inseparable. The couple plan to move to Australia in 2017 and wedding speculation continues to swirl.

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