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EXCLUSIVE: Liam SLAMS Cody Simpson in leaked Facebook post

He doesn’t want to be mates with his replacement!

By NW team
Back in August, when Miley Cyrus gave hubby Liam Hemsworth the heave-ho and embarked on a passionate fling with Kaitlynn Carter, the Aussie actor did his best to put on a brave face and remain civil.
"I wish her nothing but health and happiness going forward," Liam, 29, said in an Instagram post, before signing off, "Peace and Love".
But fast-forward three months and the gloves have come off!
Indeed, NW has exclusively obtained a recent Facebook post believed to be Liam's. In it, he unloads on Miley's new squeeze Cody Simpson – and the star certainly doesn't mince his words!
"When your ex's [sic] boyfriend tries to add you, nah mate I'm good. This sh-t is hilarious!" Liam shared on his account, which uses the pseudonym Li Hemsworth. OMG!
Awkies! Did Cody try to add Liam on social media? (Source: Supplied/NW)
Liam's offish Facebook account! (Source: Supplied/NW)
A swarm of his celebrity buddies rallied to his side by liking and commenting on the post. But what made Liam lash out so uncharacteristically?
Well, according to our insider, it could be because his own rebound romance with Aussie starlet Maddison Brown, 22, is on the rocks.
Yep, while Miley, 26, and Cody, 22, continue to go from strength to strength – and there's even buzz they're engaged! – Liam and Maddison are fizzling.
"Maddison's getting cold feet," says our exclusive source.
"Liam's moving way too fast for her, talking househunting, marriage and how many kids she wants. It's freaking herout. Maddison's no fool. She's caught him sobbing over Miley on the phone to his mum – and once she heard him ending a call to Billy Ray, so he's talking to Miley's dad too.
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"Maddison really wants to move forward with this relationship, but Miley casts a long, dark shadow."
With his head clearly all over the place, Liam's been leaning on his big brother Chris more than ever. In fact, he recently purchased a $4.25 million home in Broken Head, NSW, just a few kilometres from Chris' mega-mansion in Byron Bay!
"It's going to be nice to see him around town more," one local resident tells NW.
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