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Leo Dicaprio under fire for taking two private jets to environmental awards

Fans are not happy at his choice of transportation.

Leonardo Dicaprio has long been seen as a champion for the environment, but his latest act has many fans fuming.
Reports out of the US say that Leo partied with the style set in Cannes right up to the last minute, before taking a fuel-guzzling private jet to pick up a Big Fish award from Riverkeeper in NYC for caring about the environment.
Page Six reports that many of his loyal fans and fellow environmentalists have branded The Revenant star a hypocrite for his non eco-friendly method of transport.
The 41-year-old also used the private jet to whisk him back to France less than 24 hours later, so he could attend a gala event.
Leo is normally known for his eco-friendly ways.
Mere months ago, the Academy Award winner used a large portion of his Oscars speech to bring awareness to global warming.
“Climate change is real,” the star warned. “It is happening right now, it is the most urgent threat facing our entire species.”
See Leo speak passionately on climate change after his Oscar win. Post continues below.
But since he’s been caught more than once for jet-setting around in private planes, many onlookers are starting to question his authority in being an advocate for the environment at all.
“Everyone saying he's some hero for protecting the environment,” a follower wrote on his Instagram account. “He’s just a hypocrite.”
Fans say Leonardo should practice what he preaches after he took a private jet to and from the awards.
Another chimed in: “This is the guy who flew on a Private Jet 8,000 miles to accept an award. Environmentally friendly much?”
Others simply said they were now unfollowing the star for not practicing what he preaches.
It seems Leo's flippant use of the non eco-friendly mode of transport has struck a chord with fans who previously applauded the star for his environmental advocacy.

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