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Lauren Newton pens a touching ode dedicated to her father, Bert, in honour of his big heart

''I miss everything.''

By Faye Couros
Lauren Newton has penned an emotionally charged tribute dedicated to her late father Bert Newton, who passed on October 30 after a long bout of ill health.
Less than a month after his state funeral, the 40-year-old has posted a beautiful picture of three of her six children lying in a hospital bed beside their grandfather, with smiles plastered on their faces.
In her accompanying caption, she wrote about missing her father's spirit and revealed the one thing she thinks back on with the most warmth in her heart.
Lauren posted this family snap with her tribute. Instagram
"I miss everything about him, but his smile and the fun we had is at the top of the list," she said.
Lauren went on to hope she had shown him enough times how much she loved him and that she always knew how much he adored her.
"I hope I told him enough how much I loved him. I always felt his love for me and I hope he felt mine💛," she finished.
Her touching homage powerfully impacted her followers, among them Antony Callea, who sang The Prayer at Bert's funeral and commented, "There's SO MUCH 𝑳𝑶𝑽𝑬 in that one photo 💕."
A tableau of similar sentiments followed, with one fan writing: "I am positive that he knew. You kept giving him the grandchildren that he adored. ❤️," and another sharing, "In this pic you can see just how proud your Dad is of you and your beautiful family ♥️♥️♥️."
"My darling Alb I will miss you forever." Instagram
In late November, Lauren's mother, Patti Newton, took to social media for the first time since losing her husband to pay tribute to him by sharing a photo from their wedding day, and the snap showed them gazing at one another.
"My darling Alb I will miss you forever. My heart is broken," she penned in the caption.
The sad news of Bert's passing rocked the nation and left a sizable dent in the Newton family after it was confirmed on October 30.
The beloved star had his leg amputated earlier this year following complications from an infected toe, where Patti later revealed that it was a difficult road to recovery for Bert.
"When you have a leg amputated, you have to be on a lot of painkillers, and Bert had had, just this year alone, he's had eight procedures, which all involved anaesthetics, and that affects you pretty badly," she previously told Daily Mail Australia.
Addressing Bert's cause of death, Patti said: "Your whole system and just everything closes down really. That was all."
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