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"Life is so precious and unfair": Lauren Brant reveals heartbreaking diagnosis in Instagram post

''I’ve been struggling to understand the events & emotions that have occurred this last week.''

By Anita Lyons
Former children's entertainer, Lauren Brant, has revealed a heartbreaking diagnosis that has rocked her family.
In a touching Instagram post, the 30-year-old shared that her sister-in-law, Sandra, has been diagnosed with "3rd Stage Bowel Cancer".
"Life is so precious & so unfair," she captioned an image of praying hands.
"That statement is the reason I haven't posted in a while, as I've been struggling to understand the events & emotions that have occurred this last week... an extremely devastating roller coaster for my family.
"My sister in law Sandra, who has been my brother's high school sweet heart (since 13yrs old) - was admitted to emergency after complaining of a sore stomach to her GP for a few months [sic]."
Lauren then went on to say that the doctor's had found a huge abscess on an inflamed ovary and had to perform keyhole surgery "to drain it".

After not one, but two surgeries, Sandra received several blood transfusions, had biopsies and was put into an induced coma.
"The third surgery left her with a stoma and when the results came back, Sandra, her husband & her two children were given the shattering news that she has 3rd Stage Bowel Cancer.
"We are finding out more about it everyday, but for now Sandra is focusing on recovering from the life threatening surgeries she has had this last week."
Lauren's post comes the day of her sister-in-law's 40th birthday, stating that last week she was "completely fit and healthy" 39 year-old.
Now, the mother-of-two will be "fighting the cancer, starting with gaining strength & blasting it with chemotherapy."
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Lauren concluded the post by asking for "as much support as possible".
"I ask that you please put all the positivity you can into the world for her journey & aim your thoughts towards recovery 🙏🏼"
"This is also a moment to remind you all that you are never too young to be affected by illness & to please go 'get those tests' or get a second opinion if you are feeling unsure about anything to do with your health x" she wrote.
Lauren and her husband, Barry Hall. (Source: Instagram/Lauren Brant)
Our thoughts are with Sandra and sending her a speedy recovery!