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Laura Byrne weighs in on MAFS stars Jules Robinson and Cam Merchant's televised wedding

''It's actually disgustingly perverse how obsessed I am.''

By Rebecca Sullivan
If there's anyone who has a tiny glimpse into what it must be like to have your entire love story played out on television, just like Jules Robinson and Cam Merchant did last last during their televised wedding special on A Current Affair, it's Laura Bryne.
Laura met and fell in love with her now fiancé Matty J on The Bachelor in 2017, and now the couple have a daughter together, Marlie-Mae.
And on Tuesday night, the former reality star was plonked on her couch at home watching another pair of reality TV lovebirds, Cam and Jules, tie the knot.
Laura provided some hilarious commentary on her Instagram stories, weighing in on what she thought about the TV wedding, which also included an inside look at the couple's hens and bucks nights, the selection of Jules' wedding dress and their first dance preparations.
"Who else is watching this?" Laura said, as she filmed herself on her phone watching A Current Affair's TV special.
"It's actually disgustingly perverse how obsessed I am about watching other people's personal lives. I mean, look at them, they got married on a reality TV show and now they're getting married on a TV show, in reality."
Laura watched Cam and Jules's wedding on TV last night. (Instagram)
The former Bachie star weighed in on Jules' "tame" hens party. (Instagram)
Laura also weighed in on Jules' "awful" hens party, which was filmed on a boat in Sydney.
"This is literally the tamest hens party I've ever seen in my entire life," Laura said.
"Imagine being on your hens party and having to answer questions from a journalist about all the sh---y media articles that have been coming out about you and your friend. That sounds like an awful hens party."
As for the actual wedding, Laura said: "The celebrants lost her voice ... OK ... but Jules looks incredible, she looks like a doll."
Cam and Jules tied the knot at Beta Bar in Sydney. Channel Nine
The couple during their wedding vows. Channel Nine
The wedding took place on Sunday November 17 at Beta Bar and Alpha Restaurant in the Sydney CBD.
Jules wore a stunning pink gown by Australian designer Nicky Velani, a hot favourite of many Aussie celebrities, including Kate Ritchie, Julie Bishop and Angie Kent.
WATCH BELOW: See the ACA promo for Cam and Jules' wedding. Story continues after video.
But the wedding wasn't without drama.
One of Jules' co-stars Mel Lucarelli was noticeably absent from the big day, after being dumped as a bridesmaid.
When asked about Mel during her hens party, Jules said: "Do you know what, in response to that question, all that matters is my nearest and dearest are here right now."

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