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EXCLUSIVE: Laura and Flo want to be the next Bachelorette

In an OK! exclusive, the girls reveal who may lose the battle for Matty J’s heart...but win the Bachelorette wars!

By Carrissa Lawrie
The spotlight’s on Matty J right now.
But once the Bachelor reveals his Number One, the race is on to crown Australia’s next Bachelorette.
In an OK! exclusive, we get the inside scoop from season favourites Laura Byrne and Florence Alexandra Sophia.
Laura Byrne made quite the first impression on Matty J during their initial meeting. In fact, she took his breath away!
Sydney-based jewellery designer Laura Byrne, 30, says, "At this point in time, I’m just enjoying this ride."
She has a "never say never" attitude to these kinds of things and based on what we’ve seen so far, Australia loves her.

Fans have been stalking the bachelorette’s social media, commenting on everything from her outfits to her apparent resemblance to former Bachelorette Georgia Love.

Despite being a fan favourite, Laura’s quick to point out that there is a huge sacrifice to be made when going onto a show like The Bachelor.
"Getting my head around the life sacrifice to come in and do this was so great to the point where I didn’t even do it at all," Laura tells OK!.
"And I kept pushing it out, pushing it out, pushing it out and then eventually I was like, 'Screw it, it’s an experience. Just throw yourself in there and have a crack,'" she laughs.
Florence has been keen to show Matty that just as much as she is gorgeous and graceful, she also has a fun, cheeky side.
But watch out Laura, if you want to take a crack at being the next Bachelorette you might have to get through Flo first.
And she doesn’t play fair!

Fellow Bachie girl Florence, 27, says she she’d be "honoured" to take on that challenge.
With her sexy demeanour and cheeky personality, she’s already charmed the pants off Matty and half of Australia.

And if Florence were to be the next Bachelorette – after Sophie Monk, of course – she’s confident she can do so knowing she has the support of her family.
"They love it," Flo tells OK!.
"My Dutch family couldn’t care less… But my Australian family, they like it. They love it, they think it’s hilarious!"

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