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Larry Emdur shows off his before and after body transformation

Larry Emdur has certainly got something right, looking remarkably fit at 50!

Ahead of his milestone birthday back in December, the Seven’s Mornings host embarked on a total body overhaul which involved a rigorous diet and fitness plan. The impressive results saw him losing more than 13 kilos and while gaining an impressive six pack.
The lovable television personality saw his weight go from 83-kilograms to 70-kiolgrams.
“I wanted to be 50 and fit not 50 and f*,” he said about his decision for a body overhaul.
Larry achieved his buff body by sticking to five training sessions a week and a low-carb diet with the occasional treat.
“I’ve done all the hard yards so I’m now in a maintenance orbit right now,” Larry said. “I had a beer with my son yesterday for his birthday and pizza with the family on Sunday night.”
The dad of two is line for the title of Celebrity Men’s Health MAN of 2015. The 50-year-old is the oldest among fellow nominees Michael Klim, Matt Cooper, Cosentino, James Courtney, Kyle Pryor and Luke Hines.
“My motivation was right, to do it for myself and my family but I think realistically any day of the week those guys are Men’s Health cover guys and that’s how they’ve spent their lives with their shirts off looking fantastic. That hasn’t been my story, my journey so I’m realistic about that. Whatever happens from here is a bonus.”

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