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Lara Worthington confirms she’s expecting another baby with husband Sam Worthington

The model mum has finally let the cat out of the bag: she's giving Rocket Zot a new sibling to play with!

By Elizabeth Best
It’s about time!
Lara Worthington has finally revealed the news that she and husband Sam Worthington have tried to keep under wraps for so long: she’s pregnant!
And apparently she’s already six months along.
The pair tried to keep the news a secret from the public for as long as possible, but Woman’s Day reported their baby joy last month, while Lara was on promotional duties with Dior.
The 28-year-old reportedly confirmed the news to friends and family last month, before opening up to InStyle magazine to confirm she was getting ready to give Rocket Zot a brother or sister.
This little cutie is about to become a big brother!
“I had a great pregnancy with Rocket and touch wood it will be the same this time,” she revealed to the magazine.
“I’m sure it might seem full-on at the beginning,” she said of having two children so close together in age.
Lara thought she was trying to fool us by wearing loose, flowy outfits to disguise her baby bump.
Woman's Day revealed the impending baby news last month, but Lara just made the news her family is expanding official.
“It’s probably a lot harder than it is now, but when they get older they can share a life together,” she gushed.
Lara has spent the past few months trying to keep her burgeoning bump under wraps, dressing in a range of flowing garments to hide her shape.
See Lara gush about giving little Rocket a sibling to play with! Post continues below...
She since stepped out with Sam and Rocket for a stroll in New York, sporting a loose-fitted jumper that clearly showed her much curvier form.
We wish the couple all the happiness in the world as they expand their family. Not that they’ll need it, with Lara revealing to the magazine that “she doesn’t really get morning sickness”!
Some people get all the luck.

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