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Lady Kitty Spencer reportedly caught in a love triangle with Liz Hurley

At 52, Liz is twice the age of Princess Diana's niece.

By Katie Skelly
Lady Kitty Spencer, 26, is no stranger to heartbreak after her four-year relationship to property mogul Niccolo Barattieri di San Pietro ended just weeks ago.
But everyone knows a break-up is hard enough without your ex moving on in record time, and if these reports are anything to go by, the 45-year-old has done just that.
Kitty and the property tycoon in happier times.
The Daily Mail reports Niccolo has already set his sights on someone new; Elizabeth Hurley.
The divorced father-of-three hasn’t exactly been subtle either, with his liberal use of the ‘like’ button on Instagram. He's shown his support for over 35 different snaps on Liz’s account.
And the mum to 15-year-old son Damien has reciprocated with a fair few ‘likes’ in return.
What’s more, Niccolo’s white Maserati, which is said to be a gift from his ex-wife, has recently been spotted outside of Liz’s Chelsea home.

“He has been chasing after Liz, courting her attentions and it is the talk of Chelsea,” an unnamed source told The Mail On Sunday.
“Unfortunately, Kitty has got wind and is pretty upset. Ironically, Niccolo and Liz are acting like a pair of twentysomethings by using social media.”
Princess Diana’s niece allegedly split from the divorced father-of-three after her hopes to marry and start a family were not shared.

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