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A Bondi turf war explodes between Michael Clarke's ex-wife Kyly and his new flame Pip Edwards

Sydney’s iconic beach could be the scene of a nasty showdown.

By Woman's Day team
Forget handbags – it's activewear 
at 50 paces, with insiders telling Woman's Day that Bondi's famous beach could become the scene 
of a showdown between sporting star Michael Clarke's warring estranged wife Kyly Clarke and his new fling, fashion designer Pip Edwards!
According to an insider, mother-of-one Kyly, 38, who shares four-year-old Kelsey Lee with Michael, is at odds 
with how fast the romance between her ex and his new flame is moving – and she's ready to confront them!
The pair have the same 
taste in men. Image: Instagram
"The fact that Kyly is now parading up and down the beach at the exact same place where Michael is often spotted with Pip, it's really pointed," says the source.
"She hates the fact that Michael is being so open and brazen about 
his new love.
"When the time comes, 
Kyly is going to make him squirm when she runs into them on 'Michael and Pip's turf'."
Kyly and fashion designer Pip are regulars at fashion week shows. Image:Instagram
Kyly and Pip, 40, already run in the same circles in Sydney's eastern suburbs.
The source insists that Kyly tried to make 
a friend out of the fellow mum-of-one before her marriage breakdown earlier this year, but things fizzled.
The House Rules judge, who married the cricket champion in 2012, once 
even blogged about Pip's sought-after fashion label P.E Nation, telling fans 
it was her "favourite".
They share 
their fitness routines on social media. Image:Instagram
But sources admit there will be no olive branch extended between the pair, who 
share a love of fitness, designer fashion – and have the same taste 
in men.
"Kyly has always been suspicious 
of Pip's friendship with Michael.
never felt comfortable with her and 
it made her even more insecure in the marriage knowing Pip was always around," explains the insider.
"We're talking about Kyly, who 
used to turn up in the player's box carrying $3000 handbags, designer luxury labels and perfect hair and makeup. She's all about appearance, 
so this must be killing her!"
WATCH BELOW: Pip Edwards takes fans inside her beauty routine.

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