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Kylie Minogue leads a star-studded campaign to convince your mates to visit Australia

Kylie! Shane! Thorpie!

Kylie Minogue delivered her own speech (well, song) ahead of the Queen's Christmas Day Message yesterday encouraging Brits to take a break after a "tough and confusing" year and visit Australia.
The musical tribute, called Matesong, is Tourism Australia's latest advertising campaign aimed at UK residents who might want to trade in the bad weather for some backyard cricket.
Performed by Kylie, with a bunch of cameos from Adam Hills, Shane Warne, Ash Barty, Ian Thorpe, Jordan and Zac Stenmark, Darren Robertson and the Aboriginal Comedy Allstars, the song celebrates the long-standing ties between the two countries and reminds Brits — in typical-Australian style — that we're always here for them.
Airing on ITV ahead of the Queen's televised annual address, the campaign starts off with a regal-looking Kylie singing from Sandringham — the Melbourne suburb, not the royal residence — before showing off all of the amazing things that make this country great (biased, us?) including the beaches, the ocean, the landscapes, the food, the people and, of course, the quokkas!
While the delivery might be joyful and humorous, the sentiment is real and heartfelt: mateship is at the heart of Australia and, as someone who's lived in both places, Kylie is the perfect person to bring the campaign to life.
"Who better to deliver the message than Kylie Minogue? She embodies so much of what we want to share with the world — our warm, fun and friendly personality. Not only does she have a deep and authentic connection with Australia, but she is a much loved and recognised icon in the UK as well," says Tourism Australia Managing Director Phillipa Harrison.
Something tells us you're going to see the video a lot on social media. Not that we're complaining, every time you watch it you notice someone new or something else that makes you think, wow, we're lucky to live here.
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