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Kylie Minogue on strict water diet?

In a bid to finally crack the US market Kylie Minogue has subjected herself to a harsh diet regime, the UK's Daily Mail has reported.
The paper says a source close to the star has revealed that her new super-slim figure is down to her "water diet", which has helped the already trim star drop a dress size in preparation for her TV appearances in the US.
The diet involves drinking just water flavoured with freshly squeezed lemon or lime and only eating one small low-kilojoule meal a day.
"When she wants a treat she freezes the citrus water into ice cubes so it feels like she's eating a healthy ice lolly," the unnamed source said.
The source also said that "she wasn't overweight" to begin with but says Kylie will take drastic measures "whenever she's due to give a high-profile performance or has a photo shoot".
Kylie has since taken to Twitter denying the report and that she is on any such diet. "OMG....... media reports that I am on a water diet are not only untrue but irresponsible. No, no, NO!!!!!!" she tweeted.
Her US appearances included Dancing with the Stars and the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Following that she flew to Paris to debut her new single and next week will appear on the UK's X Factor alongside sister Dannii.
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