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Kylie Minogue is engaged to Josh Sasse!

It’s hard to miss that dazzling rock on her ring finger, but it was Kylie’s hubby to be who REALLY let the cat out of the bag!

Congratulations are in order for Kylie Minogue and Josh Sasse, who are engaged.
The Aussie singer was spotted with her dazzling diamond today on the NME Awards red carpet.
According to The Sun, 47-year-old Kylie was keen to remained tight-lipped on her happy news, but Josh, 28, just couldn’t contain himself.
Kylie showed off her dazzling ring on the NME Awards red carpet.
Apparently, he referred to Kylie as his “fiancee”.
“He proudly called her that to several guests and even joked that being with her meant he wouldn’t have any trouble getting into parties,” says a witness.
The British newspaper said Josh made the remarks as Kylie presented an award.Kylie’s been wearing the ring since last month, after confirming her relationship with Josh, an actor.
Their first public appearance was when they were spotted kissing at the Wallabies vs All Blacks Rugby World Cup final in England.
Kylie and Josh seemed barely aware that there was a world cup rugby match going on in front of them at Twickenham last year!
In a sign that Kylie’s the boss, Josh even sported an Australian scarf, despite him being British.
Congratulations to the happy couple!

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