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EXCLUSIVE: Former Big Brother host Kyle Sandilands blasts the 2020 reboot: "Who wants to watch that rubbish?"

Guess he won't be tuning in then...

It was a show that arguably kick-started the reality TV band-wagon, but is the hotly touted Big Brother reboot really going to live up to our expectations?
Well, according to one of its famous former hosts, we're in for a dud... if you consider the dramatic leaps and bounds reality TV has travelled over the past two decades.
Earlier in October, Aussie TV addicts were thrilled at the rumoured return of the show. According to TV Blackbox, the show is set to make a comeback in 2020, with casting set to begin soon.
But Kyle Sandilands, who once hosted the show with his now-radio co-host Jackie 'O' Henderson, says a reboot of the show is going to be "rubbish".
"I think it's a mistake, to even bring it back on," he tells Now To Love.
"You've got Love Island now which to me is Big Brother with people trying to hook up and have sex with each other."
"But on Big Brother , they're all just hanging around with no sex... like, who wants to watch that rubbish?"
Kyle Sandilands is not on board with a Big Brother reboot. (Getty)
Sandilands explained that given the scale of drama seen on reality television shows these days, the Big Brother reboot might seem a little less, well, exciting.
"There's Love Island and Married at First Sight. We've got these shows. They're sort of Big Brother on steroids, we've already got it," he argued.
That said, he did admit that the reboot's success would come down to how it was cast, as well as ensuring it raised some "interesting" discussion points.
However, Sandilands also admitted that he thought MasterChef would be "sh*t" when it first went to air, but 10 years down the track, it's still going strong!
"I thought, 'Who would watch a bunch of people cooking profiteroles, who wants to watch that rubbish?', but then that did really well."
Kyle previously hosted Big Brother with Jackie O. (Instagram / @jackieo_official)
Sanidlands himself is trying his luck at a brand-new show which is about to debuts its first season on Channel Ten on October 24 - Trial By Kyle after a successful one-episode run last year during Pilot Week. .
The Judge Judy format of the show sees Kyle taking the helm as judge, while real-life lawyer and OG Bachelor winner Anna Heinrich provides 'advice' to Kyle as a series of disputes take place before them.
"I try to figure out what the problem is, then you've got Anna in the corner who's the legal straighty-one-eighty," Kyle explains.
And while the law might rule things one way, the buck always stops with Kyle.
"It doesn't matter what's legal to me or not - it's what's right in the heart that's important to me," he says.
"I try and watch it through the eyes of the viewer. So if you're watching it and you hate [the claimant], even though he legally might be right, you might not want him to win - so most likely he won't."
Released earlier this month, the trailer for the new show depicted a series of somewhat dramatic cases that are set to make the show every bit as dramatic as Kyle clearly hinges on reality TV success.
Among some jaw-dropping one-liners and heated disputes, the show includes two women arguing over the hefty cost of lip injections.
You get the drift!

A pilot of the show aired during Channel Ten's Pilot Week in 2018, which drew in 385,000 viewers, according to Mumbrella.
And on-screen drama aside, the show will likely draw in viewers because of Kyle's controversial personality.
The radio host has recently been at the centre of controversy lately after he made an off-colour joke about the Virgin Mary live on air.
He called the Biblical figure a "liar", along with other extremities, and was later slammed by religious leaders across Australia for the comments.
The radio show host later took to air to apologise for the tirade, claiming that he thought Mary was Jesus's girlfriend, not his mother.
"Am I going to quit? No. Am I going to get fired? No. Am I sorry? Absolutely I am sorry," he said.
Speaking about the controversy to Now To Love Kyle admitted: "There's no doubt I piss people off, but it's not planned."
"[The Virgin Mary controversy] is nothing other than that I'm uneducated in a religious background, and I had no idea it would offend someone as much as it did."
WATCH: Kyle Sandilands says he thinks Jackie O likes Beau Ryan hosting the show more than him:

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