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Kyle & Jackie O interview Sophie Monk & Stu Laundy after that brutal break up

Well this is ridiculously awkward...

By Chloe Lal
Sophie Monk announced last week that she and Stu Laundy had entered splitsville.
Then this morning, Stu, 45, called into Nova's Fitzy and Wippa to discuss his break up with The Bachelorette.
Clearly, that wasn't enough.
In the midst of Grammys mania, Kyle and Jackie O decided to get both Sophie Monk and Stu Laundy, live on air to speak out about the traumatising demise of TV's favourite romance.

"We're probably too similar! I love her sense of humour and I hope we'll be friends forever, and I really feel like we will be," Stu Laundy told the hosts about the split.
"It was like having two drivers at the wheel. We'd clash but it created a lot of laughter. We'd pay each other out over it but it pushed us towards friendship over a romance."
Explaining finding out about his "Insta-Dump" – he blamed it on different timezones.
Getting Sophie on the line, the former couple seemed to harbour no ill-feelings.
In fact, Stu is excited to catch up with his ex once she's back in the country!
Watch the interaction in the video above!
Earlier in the show, Kyle and Jackie O addressed reports that Sophie's partying was the cause for the split.
"A friend of Stu's came out and said he dumped her because she parties too much and he tried to calm her down!"
Kyle quickly responded, "She doesn't party too much."
Jackie echoed his comments, "She does not party!"
Kyle then shared, "Listen, I was talking to her before Christmas, and you knew, I knew… it was tough. They weren't getting on great."
"It was tough for certain reasons," Jackie added.
Adding, "To say she was a partier. I don't know about that. I think she's a bit like me; likes to have a wine at night, but we don't go anywhere!"

"She was telling me, she likes the guy, but he goes missing for days at a time and I said, 'Oh babe, I know what they're doing when they're going away for days at a time.'"
Jackie quipped, "What are they doing?"
Kyle mused, "Who knows, depends on what type of guy they are."
The blonde radio host then confessed, "If my husband went away for three days at a time and I couldn't find him, I'd be upset! Wouldn't you?"
"I'd be upset for you!"

Apparently, Stu's pal chatted to News Corp, revealing, "Sophie loves to party, loves to have a drink and a cigarette and has made no secret of that."
"And in the end it became a bit much for Stu. He tried to get her to slow down just a little bit. Have the odd night on the couch. But Sophie wasn't interested."
Sophie's manager Titus Day responded to the allegations, saying, "There is no one I've met who parties less than Sophie. That is common knowledge."