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"Who cares?" Kyle & Jackie O defend Intern Pete over Steve Smith conference

The stunt created quite the stir.

By Chloe Lal
Following the shocking ball tampering scandal, cricketer and Australian Vice Captain Steve Smith was forced to face the music in an emotional press conference at Sydney Airport, last week.
The briefing was left in slight disarray when Kyle and Jackie O's Intern Pete decided to lighten the mood.
Peter Deppeler, a producer for the KIIS FM breakfast show, decided to say, "I want to let you know from the perspective [of the] non-sports community of Australians, to see you upset tonight is very sad.
"Mate I've got to tell you ... hold your head high for what you have done because what's actually been worse is what Davina and Dean did on Married At First Sight."
His "change of tack" approach shocked not only the room, but created a ripple through Australians everywhere.
Watch the entire thing below!
Steve, who had been quite teary beforehand was clearly confused, while the moderator
Much like ball tampering scandal, everyone had an opinion on the Intern Pete's stunt - with the consensus leading towards anger.
Kyle and Jackie O decided to confront the drama.
"Intern Pete was in trouble over the weekend . I woke up to the news. I didn't even know what was going on until the next day. I'm cringing at the thought," Jackie O said during this Tuesday's show.

Kyle added, "Who cares? It's a cricket game at the end of the day ... he got death threats, people threatened Intern Pete with death — these are loons."
"We didn't know he was going to [ask the question], but I still support him — I couldn't give a s**t."
The stunt saw the radio network receive a lot of backlash with Cricket Australia pulling their advertising from them.
Kyle shared his stance on the matter, telling listeners, "We'll decide whether he stays or goes, certainly not Cricket Australia, who've decided not to advertise anymore ... Oh, my heart bleeds. What'd we play, two ads?"
The press conference was quite emotional
Pete then joined the show, apologising for his actions - admitting he didn't think it would have created such outrage.
"Many Australians take their cricket very, very seriously, and others, not so much," he said previously.
"From those who do take it seriously, I understand where they're coming from. For the rest of the country who don't follow the sport, I've received a lot of support as they can see the level of social media trolling that's been directed at me which, ironically, had all previously been directed at the three cricket players since it was revealed they'd cheated."
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Kyle and Jackie O decided to open up their phone lines for listeners to share their thoughts on the matter.
While some supported Pete, many verbally insulted the producer causing Kyle to close the discussion with some very firm words.
"The guy can go where ever he wants and he can do what he want. I'll stand by the kid forever. He won't get fired. I'll leave this show before he gets fired."
Jackie echoed the sentiment, remarking, "We love you and you're not going to loose your job."
"It's not fair what they've said."