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Kristen Bell on the one thing she won’t do with Dax in the bedroom

He's a very free spirit

By Abbi Malbon
Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are known to be a little bit different from your average celebrity husband and wife – they refused to tie the knot until same-sex marriage was legal in California, and they’re pretty vocal about their beliefs – but we still never saw this coming!
During an appearance on US talk show Conan, the host brought up the last time he saw Dax, and he suggested that he and Conan O’Brien do a “wife swap” to switch things up, asking “Are you aware that he was on the show recently and he causally, on the air, suggested a wife swap with you and my wife..?”
Rather than laughing along, Bad Moms actress Kristen said that it’s not the first time her husband has suggested swinging:
“I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but you’re not the first person he’s tried to get us to swing with”, she told the host. “He’s a very free spirit, you know…Also a horn dog, but around my parents, we say free spirit.”
“He just loves people”, she added. “He loves the human frame and he constantly suggests at different dinner parties that we ‘hang out’ and ‘really get to know each other’”.
Kristen and Dax are still so in love.
However, Kristen went on to clarify that, despite her husband’s ‘free spirit’, she’s insistent that the pair won’t be experimenting any time soon, emphasising: “We’re not actually swinging”.
She did, however, admit that there is one other couple that they are “So in love with” – her Veronica Mars co-star Ryan Hansen, and his wife Amy:
“We’ve decided that our couple will marry their couple. Since we got married, we call each other super spouses, and we are the first-ever four-way couple”.
Sounds like headline news to us!

Kristen and Dax tied the knot in 2013, and have two children – 3 year-old Lincoln and 1 year-old Delta. Earlier this year, Kristen talked about how the couple balance their personal and work lives, saying; “Only one of us works at a time. We have a lot of great people that are our support system and we bring our kids everywhere”.
WATCH: Kristen talks about her marriage to Dax

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