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Kris slams Keira: "We were never friends"

Kris Smith was eliminated from I'm A Celeb... but he's happy he'll never see some of his camp mates again!

By Christine Estera
Kris Smith was sent packing last night on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here in a shock double elimination that also saw Keira Maguire kicked out of the South African jungle.
And it’s funny how of all the contestants he could’ve been eliminated with, it had to be the reality star, who we all know didn’t see eye-to-eye with the model.
In a chat with NW, Kris reveals how he and Keira were never friends before entering the jungle – and they never will be, FYI – so he doesn’t understand why she’s been going around town telling everyone they’re BFFs.
And she’s not the only one Kris doesn’t want to be friends with outside of the jungle…
Keira mentions on the show that you guys had met a couple of times before and were friends. But you’ve denied it and said you didn’t know her. What’s the dynamic with you two?
Oh no, we definitely weren’t friends before this or anything like that. We used to live in the same area. I lived in Point Piper, she was in Double Bay.
She introduced herself to me in a bar once. It was a quick conversation and every time I would see her in a café or something, she’d go, “Oh, hey.” And I’d go, “Yep, thanks. How are you doing?” and I’d make my way off… It’s a bit weird people’s interpretation of a friendship.
But you appeared in her Instagram story today. You’re obviously acquaintances…
Well, after the show last night we had seven hours of media, so they kept us together. The one and only thing we did was Kyle and Jackie O.
We did that at the same time and the rest of our interviews were separate. That was the one she put on her story, and I think it was just me telling her to piss off.
You say you’re not afraid of conflict and confrontation but don’t promote it. How did you cope dealing with confronting types like Tziporah?
Yeah, look, I didn’t shy away for it and I never will. I’ll stand up for what I believe is right and I’ll defend myself to the hills. You know, Tziporah said some horrible very disrespectful things about me with no evidence or proof because that’s not who I am.
I got defensive about that straight away, as any person probably would when they’re called a sexist, racist, liar. The three most hurtful things to say to a guy or to anyone, I’d imagine.
Was it always like that between you two, though? We thought you guys got along when you first entered the jungle.
When she first introduced herself and we met, I put my hand out and she just looked me up and down and said, “I don’t shake hands.” And I thought, “OK, you’re one of those.” Then I just gave it a chance again and, you know, I tried to help her.
Right before this whole thing happened, it was raining and she was in bed and her sleeping bag was exposed, so I covered it with her tarpole and she said , “Thank you so much.” Then the next minute she loses an argument and turns really bitter. So that’s the kind of person she is. I avoid those people in my life, I always have, and I’m not about to accept that sort of thing.
But you did make some friends in camp, like Ash.
We had that conversation and I’ve met Ash a couple of times before and she’s a lovely girl and we were so very, very fortunate to have her in the camp because she made the best of a bad situation when it came to the food.
She would make the best of whatever we had. And I’m not just trying to pigeonhole her as just a good cook, she was a good person to have in there as well. She was great all round.

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