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Kit Harington reveals Game of Thrones spoiler to dodge speeding fine

SPOILER ALERT: Jon Snow does know something after all!

By Elizabeth Best
It seems Kit Harington isn’t too concerned with Game of Thrones spoilers, seeing as he’s the one dishing them out!
Kit, aka Jon Snow on the hit HBO series confessed to Jimmy Fallon that he used his insider knowledge of the show to get himself out of a ticket when he got pulled over.
The 29-year-old, who's dating fellow Game of Thrones star Rose Leslie, revealed the news during an interview on The Tonight Show.
When asked by the popular TV host whether anyone other than he and the producers knew the fate of Jon Snow, the actor was quick to say how he’d been sworn to secrecy.
But that didn’t stop him blabbing all about it to a police officer who pulled the actor over for speeding.
Watch Kit share his hilarious story in the player. Post continues after the video...
The long-locked actor revealed: "[The policeman] said, 'There's two ways we can do this. You can either follow me back to the police station now and I book you in or you can tell me whether you live in the next season of Game of Thrones.'"
Kit says his initial response to the bizarre request was to laugh, but it turned out the cop was very serious indeed.
Fans were holding their breath to see whether Jon Snow would come back in season six of the hit show Game of Thrones.
"He says, 'I have to tell you whether I take you into the police station depends on what your answer is.'"The actor then revealed his character’s fate and was ushered on with an "On your way, Lord Commander", after being told to keep his speed down “this far south of the Wall”.
Kit says he was implored to tell no one of what happened after a dramatic season finale that saw his character meet a seemingly grizzly end. Which of course meant he told his parents, and his girlfriend Rose. And the policeman, of course.
We hope Kit isn't going to get in trouble for this cheeky revelation!

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