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I'm A Tiger King ... Get Me Out Of Here: Joe Exotic begs Kim Kardashian to free him from jail

Could Kimmy K be Joe's ticket out of jail?

By NW team
Kim Kardashian has been on a crusade to help get people released from prison.
And now Joe Exotic wants a piece of the action!
Yep, NW hears Joe – who's become a household name thanks to the Netflix doco Tiger King – is begging Kim to help get his case in front of President Trump.
The big cat zoo owner is currently serving 22 years behind bars for animal abuse and two counts of murder for hire.
Kim Kardashian has made a name for herself freeing prisoners who have falsely been accused, or who are serving life sentences for non-violent crimes. Image: Instagram
Joe is currently serving time in a US prison. Image: Supplied
"Joe's telling anyone who'll listen that Kim is going to set him free," tells our exclusive spy.
"He's obsessed with her and Keeping Up With The Kardashians. When he heard that she was studying his case for law school, he said his prayers had been answered."
WATCH BELOW: This Mum dressed her kids up as the cast of Tiger King. Story continues after video.
Now Joe, 57, is on cloud nine and plotting the moment he can meet and thank Kimmy, 39.
"Joe has this fantasy of teaming up on a reality project," we're told.
"And you know what? It's not that far out of the realms of possibility. Kim would do anything to keep herself in the headlines."

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