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“I like the one-syllable thing”: Kim Kardashian reveals the names she really wanted Chicago

They’re shockingly ordinary!

By Candice Mehta-Culjak
Kim Kardashian has confessed to having baby name regrets, revealing that her baby girl's name -- Chicago -- kind of "messes" with her.
During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the reality tv star said she would have preferred a one-syllable name for the baby. Of course, her two previous children -- North, four-and-a-half and Saint, two -- follow this 'rule' of sorts.
"It kind of messes with me. I'm not going to lie," she admitted. "I really like the one-syllable thing."
To combat the tricky situation, she now refers to the little girl as "Chi" — pronounced "shy" — as a nickname.
The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star also shared the baby names she considered besides Chicago, and they're way more traditional than what we've come to expect from the polarizing figure.
"We were gonna name her Jo, 'cause my Grandma, Mary Jo. Or we were gonna go with Grace — and then it was Chicago," she said. "We ended up with Chicago."

Another name in the running was Donda, as a way of honoring husband Kanye West's late mother.
"He really wanted his mother's name, and I love that name too, but I just wasn't sure," she explained. "It's so much to live up to."
But in the end, the duo decided to name their little one after the rapper's hometown.
"That is a place that made him, and a place that he remembers his family from," she explained — and she thought it was something "cool and different."

Kim, 37, and Kanye, 40, welcomed their third child into the world via a surrogate in January.
The couple shared their happy baby news in a statement issued on the one-time author's website.
"Kanye and I are happy to announce the arrival of our healthy, beautiful baby girl," Kim wrote in a post titled 'She's Here!'
"We are incredibly grateful to our surrogate who made our dreams come true with the greatest gift one could give and to our wonderful doctors and nurses for their special care."

A source had previously confirmed to People that the couple had hired a surrogate to help expand their family.
"The entire family is over the moon. Kim had been looking for a surrogate for months until recently when she found the perfect candidate," a source told the publication in September.
"Given her health scares in the past, Kim felt the need to hire a surrogacy agency that helped serve as the liaison in finding a healthy woman who would be a great surrogate option for her and Kanye," the source added, referring to the mogul's past struggles with preeclampsia and a life-threatening condition called placenta accreta. "Both of them have been super involved in the process."
Congratulations again to the new family-of-five!