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Kim Kardashian will make her first appearence with Scott Disick

Kim Kardashian has been dipping her toes back into life as a reality star but now the mum-of-two is making a full fledged return... In Dubai!

By Chloe Lal
Kim Kardashian and Scott Disick jetted off to the United Arab Emirates city on Wednesday, January 11.
The mum-of-two was dressed in sunglasses and a hooded sweatshirt. Completely the look, Kim rocked her new favourite accessory, her lip ring.
“Kim is in a good place,” an insider revealed to Us Weekly.
Discussing Kim recommencing her public appearances and social media use, the remarked, “She’s fully back now.”
Kim and Scott are heading to Dubai for a make up masterclass with the reality star's good friend, Mario Dedivanovic.
The class was originally to take place last October, but was cancelled due to the events that transpired a fortnight prior.
The 36-year-old's return to work comes in light of the new developments in tracking down the criminals behind the terrifying heist that saw Kim held at gunpoint while $11 million worth of her jewellery was stolen.
Kim and Scott jet off to Dubai.

Kim's Parisian lawyer addressed the media about the update, saying his client was "amazed" by progress made in the case.
"I sent her a message, a press review," Jean Veil said.
"Later in the day she replied saying she was amazed by the work of the French police, that she was congratulating everyone."
One of the huge developments was the release of Kim's longtime driver Michael Madar.
The horrors in Paris changed Kim's life forever.
The 40-year-old was one of the 17 indiviuals who were arrested in relation to the crime.
One source explained to Us Weekly that the driver was in police custody because of his knowledge of Kim's timetable. Police needed to "ask him as much as possible.”
The insider added, "He was never a serious suspect."
His brother, Gary, still remains in police custody.
Kim, pictured in Paris, is snapped with her driver Michael Madar, prior to the robbery.
The mum-of-two has been picking up the pieces and moving on from the October ordeal.
Kim took time to send her husband, Kanye West, a sweet message.
Sharing a snap on Instagram of her rapper beau wiping something off her, she penned, "He always has my back."
The star has also been sharing a series of shots of her two kids, North and Saint West.
Fingers crossed 2017 proves to be a fresh start for the Kardashian.

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