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Kim Cattrall's secret Aussie family

Discovering she had close relatives in Australia came as a big surprise to Kim - and to them as well.
Irene Winters and John Baugh will never forget the day they found out actress Kim Cattrall is their niece. Little did the Aussie siblings know the news would bring them a new half-sister.
The revelation came after Kim appeared on British TV show Who Do You Think You Are? to find out more about her heritage and the disappearance of her grandfather. Researchers from the show called Irene and John out of the blue with the news.
“I knew of Kim but my brother John didn’t even know who she was,” Irene tells Woman’s Day. “To think Kim Cattrall could be my father’s granddaughter seemed too far-fetched to be true.”
John, 58, admits that while he is impressed by his 53-year-old niece’s looks, he isn’t a fan of the racy show that made her famous.
“My mates said, ‘Give us her telephone number.’ They all want to meet her – everybody knows more about her than I do,” he says.
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