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Khloé Kardashian: “I think I’ll be the cool mum”

The reality TV star spills the goss on what she loves most about being an auntie and a mother-figure to her younger sisters.

I love kids!
To celebrate the launch of the Kardashian Kids clothing range in Australia, Mother & Baby writer, Natasha Price sat down with Khloé Kardashian to chat about the range, being the cool aunt (and future mum) and her relationship with her younger sisters, Kendall and Kylie Jenner.
Everything is so adorable, but what’s your favourite piece from the range?
Khloé: I love the white eyelet bomber jacket. I mean, it’s more of an adult silhouette, but we did that because we just thought it was super cute and it’s something that’s more of a North piece but we did the eyelet and made it softer and more feminine.
North would be wearing a little Yeezus one…
Khloé: (laughs) yeah! But that even Penelope’s worn, but she’s a little more boho so it’s just a great piece that you can wear so many different ways.
Kardashian Kids Broderie Bomber Jacket available for $35 from Big W
With Mason, Reign and Kim’s little boy on the way for inspiration, can we expect a Kardashian Kids boys range in Australia soon?
Khloé: I hope so. We have a boys range in the states and it does phenomenal so we’re just launching here at Big W so hopefully if this does wonderfully - which I think it will - then the boys will come. The boys [range] is super cute.
Mason, he’s five, but he definitely helps us with the line. His style is so strong in what he wears. But it’s interesting with boys because you want to do a graphic tee but you can’t have it be too edgy or too dark. And nowadays boys are into skulls and it can go dark really quickly and so we definitely have mastered it. It does really well in the states. It’s super cute, and preppy but not too stuffy.
What’s your favourite thing about being aunt Koko?
Khloé: I love that I get to have fun, like they’re so fun. They’re really great kids but I’m like the cool one, they get to come over when they want to have fun or be silly, and they just make me happy. For me, I love kids. If you’re sad or anything, go be around kids... kids or animals and you’re good (laughs).
So you’re the cool aunty, but do you think you’ll be a cool mum or will you be a bit stricter?
Khloé: I think I’ll be the cool mum. I am strict with them, like, especially Mason because he’s older and if he’s not listening to Kourtney or whatever, I’ll be the one to kind of reprimand him and say, “Mason you have to listen to your mum”.
But he will really listen to you. Kourtney speaks to him like an adult so if I say “Mason, you’re not listening to your mum. You’re going to get in trouble,” he’s like, “OK Koko, I’ll listen to her,” and he does. He’ll go and say sorry. He’s the cutest. You’re making me miss them! (laughs)
Oh, sorry! What about Penelope, is she the same?
Khloé: She doesn’t really misbehave, she’s super sweet but she’s really quiet like Kourtney. She’s really shy, like, at first she won’t really talk at all. She didn’t speak for like the first two years of her life. She knew everything, like, you could speak full sentences and she would shake her head yes or no but we’re like “can you talk, speak to us”. So she abides by all the rules, she’s not a rule-breaker.
What’s the best lesson or advice that your parents instilled in you?
Khloé: My parents, they brought us up with a really strong work ethic. I think that’s why we’re so driven or busy as we are because of how they lived. It sounds so basic but what my mum has taught all of us are just the fundamentals of good manners and common sense, but just being prompt or on time, and these are such elementary things but it’s surprising what the world does not do.
Being on time I think is a huge respect thing, doing what you say, 'please' and 'thank you', just the little things. I’m so grateful my parents taught me. I have friends that I’m blown away, or just acquaintances, it’s so weird how they interact. It’s like, "Didn’t your parents teach you these things?!" but not everyone gets taught the basics, the necessities to life.
So I’m grateful. The older I get I realise how simple things are but I’m very grateful my parents taught me.
Your younger sisters Kendall and Kylie have described you as a mother figure in their lives. Do you see your relationship this way?
Khloé: I’m obsessed with them. They’re definitely like my babies, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I mean, my mum had Kendall at 40 and Kylie at 41 so she already raised all of us and it was like a second chapter.
I love that they can come to me. I’m strict still, like, I could reprimand you but then we could have fun. I’m good at playing both roles. I love that they come to me for advice but also I could scold them at the same time (laughs).
Kardashian Kids is stocked exclusively in Australia through BIG W and is available online from July 28 and in stores nationwide from August 6.

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