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He was a MasterChef fan favourite, but where is Khanh Ong now? Check out his style evolution

The vibrant reality star is set to make waves on Survivor.

By Faye Couros
In Khanh Ong's promo video for Survivor: Blood V Water, which he will appear on with his sister Amy Ong, he declares, "I don't think people expect me to be ruthless."
"What's a better way to win Survivor than to say, I cut my own family member to get to the end."
It's a side of the MasterChef alum we haven't seen before, and it's intense, but of course, he weighed on it with his signature sassiness.
In an Instagram post featuring the footage, Khanh joked in caption: "Well, this might be an awkward family dinner tonight @amyonng sorry for what I said boo," he wrote in the caption, before asking himself in his comment section, "Am I the drama? 😮."
Australia fell in love with Khanh's wit and vivacious personality in 2018 when he was a VIP DJ and stylist trying his best to battle it out on MasterChef at 25-years-old.
Khanh as a young up and comer on MasterChef. (Image: Network 10)
The Melbournite made it to the season 10 semi-finals, and even though he didn't make it past the top three, he was able to carve a career for himself post-show with ease.
A year later, he was cast on a TV cooking show, signed a book deal, and became a business partner at The George on Collins.
Reflecting on that time, Khanh told Domain.com, "MasterChef was great for me, I would not have had the chance to do what I am without it.
"I would have stuck with my vlogging and writing a food blog and hoped it would lead me somewhere, but MasterChef opened doors a lot quicker and if you're a determined contestant you can get things happening much faster."
The cook's style evolution has gone from strength to strength. (Image: Instagram)
Khanh took another chance on the show in 2020 for MasterChef Australia: Back To Win.
He may not have won the competition, but he did win Australia's hearts when he wore a "You Are Loved" T-shirt to support the LGBTQIA+ youth charity Minus18, which supported him in his youth.
When asked if he'd ever do reality TV again after his elimination, Khanh told Now To Love: "I don't think I would do anything that was heavily drama-based, just because I don't think I need it in my life.
"I think it works for a lot of people and good on them - a lot of my friends have been on shows that are drama based, but for me MasterChef was purely about cooking and that's what I loved about it.
"If I did another show it would probably have to be another show that was like that and is about celebrating individuals, rather than elevating the drama."
"MasterChef opened doors a lot quicker." (Image: Network 10)
When Khanh began his reality television journey way back in 2018, the fresh-faced DJ was clean-shaven and loved a button-up shirt.
His style was more subdued, and his tattoo collection was growing, but fast forward four years, and Khanh is serving fashion-forward and androgynous looks.
These days Khanh plays with fluid fashion. (Image: Instagram)
Khanh often prefers to wear his hair back and has a love for biker boots paired with loose blazers.
However, the reality stars most iconic outfit yet was his moss green pantsuit styled with a loose-fitting black silk shirt, Louis Vuitton bag, and fierce heeled boots he wore to the Melbourne Fashion Festival in 2021.
Perfection! (Image: Getty)
He also posed with ease at the photo wall, further proving inner confidence elevates any outfit – which he will be aware of as a former stylist.
Of course, Khanh can't rely on swooning Australia with his epic drip on Survivor, but fans are keen to see how his strong energy will impact the competition…. And his dear sister.

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