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Kerri-Anne Kennerley's heartbreaking farewell to husband John at his funeral

Kerri-Anne's husband John passed away last month, aged 79.

By Anita Lyons
Kerri-Anne Kennerley has farewelled her husband in an emotional funeral today.
In front of hundreds of mourners, John Kennerley was laid to rest after he died from pneumonia aged 79, on February 28th.
Dressed in a vibrant colourful frock because John "hated black", Kerri-Anne was visibly distraught as family, friends and media personalities gathered to say their goodbyes.
According to the Daily Mail, John's son Simon told the congregation at All Saints Anglican Church in Woollahra that he was "proud to be his son."
Kerri-Anne touches her husband's casket in an emotional moment after the funeral. (Source: AAP)
Kerri-Anne, who requested guests wear floral, leaves the service. (Source: AAP)
"I miss you already. He lived a tremendous life. I love you dearly dad," he said.
Simon also commended his father's determination following his 2016 fall which left him as an incomplete quadriplegic.
"He never put off what he could do today until tomorrow. Dad never gave up, even after his tragic accident almost three years to the day. He was determined to stay fit and not deteriorate, however hard it was."
In attendance was Nine entertainment editor Richard Wilkins, journalist Deborah Hutton and Kerri-Anne's Studio Ten team, including Angela bishop, Sarah Harris, Joe Hildebrand and Denise Scott.
Angela Bishop, Denise Scott and Joe Hildebrand at the funeral of John Kennerley. (Source: AAP)
Sarah Harris at the funeral of John Kennerley. (Source: AAP)
After the beautiful service, TV personality Melissa Hoyer took to Twitter, sharing the order of service.
"Beautiful service for John Kennerley - with the final tune - Choo-Choo train music (he was an avid train maker & collector) as his coffin was taken out of the church. Fitting. #rip #johnkennerley," she wrote.
John died at Sydney's St Vincent's hospital in Darlinghurst on Thursday, February 28th.
His death comes three years after he suffered a tragic fall which left him paralysed.
Kerri-Anne confirmed the devastating news that her husband had passed away via a touching Instagram post.
"It's with a heavy heart and awful sadness that I let you know that my beautiful husband John passed away last night," the Studio 10 host revealed alongside a stunning black and white photo from their 1984 wedding day.
"As you all know, John has faced some tremendous challenges over the past few years and with each he has been extraordinarily brave and determined to overcome those hurdles and live a normal life.I want to thank everyone at St Vincent's Hospital for the beautiful care they have provided to John in his last days."
Signing off, the celebrated television personality revealed her husband of 35 years took his final breath surrounded by the two most important people in his life.
"John passed away peacefully with his son Simon and I by his side. John, you were the love of my life. Xxx," the 65-year-old explained.
Channel 10, Kerri-Anne's employer, also released a statement on behalf of Chief Executive Officer, Paul Anderson.
"We would like to offer our deepest sympathies to Kerri-Anne Kennerley and John's son Simon on the passing of their beloved husband and father John Kennerley."
"John faced some enormous challenges over the last few years and during this time, Kerri-Anne, in her usual grace and stamina, has shown enormous strength, compassion, love and commitment."
"Our thoughts are with Kerri-Anne, Simon and their family during this difficult time," the Network 10 CEO said.
John passed away surrounded by his wife and son. (Image: Getty)
Following the heartbreaking news, Woman's Day's Editor at Large Phillip Koch shared his personal insights into one of the nation's most adoring couples after witnessing the magic of John and KAK firsthand for over 20 years.
"Kerri-Anne Kennerley is one of the strongest women you will ever meet, but the sudden death of the man she credits with saving her life and filling it with love has left her dazed, broken and utterly, utterly heartbroken," Phillip remembered.
"Kerri-Anne and John were the real deal. John worshipped Kerri-Anne and she adored him. They were rarely apart, and John remained completely smitten by Kerri-Anne until the day he died."
"You could call them a celebrity couple, some would call them a power couple but really they were just a beautiful couple. If they were out at an event, John was always at Kerri Anne's side, often laughing together and the warmth and love that was so clear to everyone was a magnet to all who met them.
"I know this because I have spoken to KAK, as she is affectionately known to millions, many times about how much she and John's life changed after he suffered an accident so catastrophic that it left him a quadriplegic three years ago."
"Kerri-Anne was the star, but John was the rock who she relied on, he had her back always and loved everything about her."
Our thoughts are with Kerri-Anne, Simon and their family during this heartbreaking time.

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