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Stars pay tribute to Kerri-Anne Kennerley’s late husband John

Vale John Kennerley.

By TV Week team
Kerri-Anne Kennerley's husband John Kennerley passed away in St Vincent's Hospital overnight.
The Australian television star shared the news with her followers in an emotional Instagram post.
"It's with a heavy heart and awful sadness that I let you know that my beautiful husband John passed away last night," Kerri-Anne shared.
"As you all know, John has faced some tremendous challenges over the past few years and with each he has been extraordinarily brave and determined to overcome those hurdles and live a normal life."
"John, you were the love of my life," she signed off.

Fellow television stars and friends have been quick to offer their support to Kerri-Anne and her family.
Her co-stars on Studio 10 had to share the news with viewers during the morning broadcast, with newsreaders Sarah Harris and Angela Bishop sharing heartfelt condolences.
"Kerrie-Anne we are sending you so much love," Sarah said. "She is such an extraordinary woman for everything that she has faced over the past few days. She has been putting on a smile and coming to work and braving all this stuff that just does not matter, while her husband has been sick.
"The most awful things have been written about her, and she is a spectacular woman and she has been holding it together at home and we are just sending her and her family so much love," she continued.
Angela, who lost her husband Pete in 2017, was in tears on the panel as the news clearly struck a chord with her.
"John is someone I've known for more than two decades, and he's just an extraordinary man with a beautiful, warm heart," said Angela.
"He and my late husband actually became firm friends, because they were always the plus one together at functions. He was a beautiful man and this is just devastating news."
The Project's Lisa Wilkinson sent her condolences on Twitter, praising Kerri-Anne and John's endearing love.
"So sorry to hear of the passing of Kerri-Anne Kennerley's husband John. Their love for each other was absolute. Never moreso than in the years since John's tragic accident. Vale," she wrote.
Today reporter Richard Wilkins said in a broadcast that it is "such sad news."
"John absolutely doted on Kerri-Anne, and she was so wonderful with him," he continued. "Kerrie, to you and your family, all the love and support from Channel Nine."
Journalist Melissa Hoyer tweeted she was "Very sad to read of the passing of John Kennerley."
"He adored and was adored by his wife Kerri Anne Kennerley. John was always up for a laugh, a bevy & a chat. RIP," she continued.
Melissa Doyle shared a photo of herself, Kerri-Anne and John on Instagram.
"My heart breaks for you @kerriannekennerley," she wrote. "Despite the awful obstacle put in front of you both, you took it on with a smile and the deep love you shared. Rest In Peace John and all my love to you KAK."

And, of course, many friends in the industry shared their condolences in the comments on Kerri-Anne's post.
Our love and deepest condolences to Kerri-Anne, and her family, during this time.

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