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Keith Urban waited FOUR MONTHS to call Nicole Kidman

Find out why poor Nic was left hanging after the couple's very first meeting.

By Katie Skelly
You know how people say you’re supposed to wait three days before calling a potential date? Well, Keith Urban sure doesn’t.
Opening up on The Ellen DeGeneres Show recently, the Lion star admitted that her husband of 10-years broke the number one dating rule when he waited a whopping four months to call her after their first meeting in 2005.

“I had such a crush on him and he wasn’t interested in me. It’s true!” the actress told host Ellen DeGeneres. “He didn’t call me for four months.”
Shocked, Ellen asked the 49-year-old to explain how such a dating faux pas could have possibly blossomed into one of Hollywood’s longest-lasting romances.
"How did we end up together?" She joked before adding, "The craziest thing is to have a photo of when you first met. Someone just took that photo and sent it to us."
They're one of the most loved-up couples in Hollywood! So why did Keith keep Nicole waiting?
But as it turns out, the lucky-in-love duo have never actually addressed Keith’s months of silence.
"There's certain things – and I think anyone in a marriage would agree with this – you just leave that," she said.
"We're here now, and it's all good. We don't need to hash up all that stuff now, right?!" she finished, before later musing, “I think he was shy.”
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The mother-of- four, whose up for her second BAFTA for Best Actress in a Supporting Role after four nominations, also opened up on her and Keith’s plans come Sunday night, when Nicole will attend the coveted awards show in London, while Keith is also up for a statue at the Grammy Awards, held in Los Angeles on the same evening.
While she’s disappointed not to be able to proudly stand by her hubby on his big night, it would seem that Keith is not without alternative date offers!
Family always comes first for Nicole and Keith, who are the proud parents of Sunday, eight, and Faith, six.
Keen as could be, the pair’s eldest daughter Sunday quickly offered to be her dad’s plus one. "'I'll go with dad to the Grammys!,'" the youngster apparently quipped in the moment Keith and Nicole got wind of the event clash.
But unfortunately, we won’t be able to look forward to the cute daddy-daughter snaps this time around. "She's eight and they use inappropriate language, Ellen!" Nic explained of why Sunday isn't allowed to attend.
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