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Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman’s goofy sing-a-long

See the country star and his wife belt out a track from Keith’s new album in a hilarious front seat duet.

By Katie Skelly
If you watch just one thing today, let it be this!
Overnight, Keith Urban shared what is perhaps the best video we have seen in a very long time on his Facebook page.
The country music star took to social media to share a goofy and somewhat adorable clip of him and wife Nicole belting out the track Fighter from the 48-year-old’s latest album, Ripcord, while sitting in the front seat of their car.
See the clip for yourself in the video player below! Post continues…
"Oh my god, I love this song!" Nicole shrieks as the instrumental opening begins.
"Good, thank goodness…" her hubby replies with feigned relief.
A small technical glitch sets the couple back for a few seconds, but after pulling some funny faces at each other, their flirtatious sing-a-long commences.
Nicole took Carrie Underwood’s lines in the duet, singing “What if I fall?” to her beau as he belts back “I won’t let you fall!”
The loving couple had a lot of fun with their pantomime duet!
The couple theatrically acted out the lyrics while lip-syncing along between fits of laughter.
It’s all very sweet and admittedly somewhat naff, particularly since the car never leaves its parking spot… but never the less, we’re glad to see that our beloved Keith and Nicole are still engaging with their playful sides after almost ten years of marriage - a sentiment also shared by fans that left comments on the video.
“I love how Keith and Nicole are having so much fun together! I wish more celeb couples would share clips like this. Thanks for being REAL PEOPLE!” One fan said with another adding, “It's amazing how the right partner can truly make you shine and bring out the best!! Keith is her knight in shining armour.”
The handsome hitmaker recently shared some touching sentiments in preparation for their milestone anniversary. “I think it's about 30 in Hollywood years. I feel incredibly grateful,” he said to Today.
Keith and Nicole, both 48, tied the knot in Sydney on June 25, 2006, and share two daughters together Sunday Rose, seven, and Faith Margaret, five.
The couple will celebrate 10 years together next month.

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