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Bachelor in Paradise exes Keira Maguire and Jarrod Woodgate at war!

The pair is trying to outdo each other with their new lovers.

By Woman's Day team
When images of a loved-up Jarrod Woodgate began surfacing on social media, no one was more shocked than his ex-girlfriend Keira Maguire.
The 33-year-old reality star, who recently admitted she was "dumped and ghosted" by her boyfriend of almost two years, is said to be "furious" over Jarrod's new romance with The Bachelor's Sam Royce, who she is now referring to as "Kmart Keira."
It looks like both Keira and Jarrod are trying to outdo each other. (Source:@keiramaguire/Instagram)
"She was still hoping Jarrod would change his mind and want her back, so when she saw him cuddling up to Sam on Instagram it was like a slap in the face," a source reveals.
"She's still bitter about the way Jarrod dumped her and can't believe he could move on so quickly – her ego has been dented. It certainly doesn't help that Sam could pass as her twin, which is why she has been laughing with her mates and calling her the Kmart version!"
Jarrod and Sam are all cuddled up at the Mission Australia Sleepout. (Source:@samroyceee/Instagram)
As heartbroken as she may be, friends say Keira is "determined to outshine" Jarrod's new romance.
"When producers of Bachelor In Paradise came knocking, Keira thought it would be the perfect opportunity to steal the limelight away from Jarrod," says a source.
"And she wants to show him what he's missing, of course!"
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Woman's Day hears that Keira wasted no time finding herself a new man in Fiji – hooking up with The Bachelorette's Alex McKay, 26.
"She immediately set her sights on Alex and was boasting about how he is so much hotter than her ex," an on-set source dishes.
"She was calling Alex her toyboy and joking about being a cougar. She can't wait until the show airs so she can show everyone!"
"She immediately set her sights on Alex and was boasting about how he is so much hotter than her ex," an on-set source dishes. (Source: @alexconnormckay/Instagram)
While 32-year-old Jarrod's manager has denied he and Sam are anything more than friends, Sam's inner circle insist the pair are "definitely an item".
"They've been hanging out together 24/7 since they got back from Bali," a source reveals.
Jarrod and Sam appear to be inseparable. (Source:@samroyceee/Instagram)
"Jarrod's been telling everyone who will listen that Sam is so different to Keira.
He loves that she's so career-driven and is making a real difference in the world.
Sam enjoys the simple things in life, and that's what Jarrod felt he was missing with Keira."

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