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EXCLUSIVE: Kate Ritchie gets real about body image as she strips off for new ad campaign

Pushing boundaries feels good.

By OK! team
She struggled with body image issues growing up in the public eye, but hot on the heels of her new campaign for iconic Aussie underwear brand Jockey, Kate Ritchie has never looked or felt better.
At 41, the down-to-earth beauty has learnt to love the skin she's in after the birth of Mae – her five-year-old daughter with husband Stuart Webb.
Here, the actress opens up to OK! about pushing boundaries, how she stays fit and how much being a mother has changed her…
OK!: What makes you feel beautiful?
Kate: When my five-year-old tells me I am!
What convinced you to sign on as a Jockey ambassador?
Kate: I've always been pretty conservative with my decision-making and so, the fact that I was pushing an imaginary boundary of mine in some ways felt good.
I'm so glad I did because the experience and feedback has been nothing but positive.

How has your idea of body image changed over the years?
Kate: It has something to do with maturing, learning and growing a thick skin.
But mostly I have to thank pregnancy, childbirth and my daughter Mae for a complete shift in priorities and appreciation for this incredible, powerful, trustworthy body of mine.
Do you still have moments of insecurity?
Kate: I still have days where I could be a little kinder to myself and I wish that this self-assurance had arrived years earlier, but I also understand that it's a mindset and a journey that cannot be hurried.
Kate says she still has the odd day where she "could be a little kinder to myself". (Instagram / @KateRitchieOfficial)
What makes a good bra?
Kate: First and foremost, comfort and support. Something you can wear all day and not have to adjust, pull or prod at it, knowing it's supporting your natural shape.
It was my mum who taught me this and who dragged me to be fitted by the department store lady in my early teens.
WATCH: Kate Ritchie opens up at the annual Australian Women's Weekly Women of the Future Awards. Story continues after video...
When it comes to workouts, are you an indoor or outdoor kind of girl?
Kate: Indoor workouts – hands down. I like to work out as privately as possible. That way I can huff and puff and complain and curse, and not end up scaring innocent children and their parents playing at the park!
How do you get enough sleep?
Kate: There's a little person in our house who has more control over my sleeping patterns than I do these days.
I'm trying to be more strict with myself about time spent on my phone before sleep, too!
I often turn my phone off overnight and set an alternate alarm, otherwise I find myself scrolling through emails after a trip to the loo in the middle of the night.
Being a mum has changed Kate's sleeping patterns somewhat...! (Instagram / @KateRitchieOfficial)
What's the best advice you've ever received?
The one piece that sticks so clearly in my head was given to me by fellow actress Lisa McCune as she was presenting me with my Gold Logie in 2007.
As I approached the stage, she handed me the Logie, gave me a kiss and whispered so very kindly, "Just breathe."

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