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Kate Ritchie and Stuart Webb's romantic airport reunion with Mae

Time apart appears to have worked wonders for their marriage.

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, 
and that certainly seems the case for Kate Ritchie and her husband Stuart Webb, after the couple were spotted in 
a romantic embrace at Sydney airport last week.
Kate, 38, and her two-year-old daughter Mae were returning from a mother-daughter trip to Fiji when hubby Stuart surprised them at the airport.
Kate and Mae were in Fiji.
Look who's here to pick us up!
Clearly over the moon to see his two favourite girls, the doting father and chivalrous husband was quick to plant a kiss on Kate’s lips before whisking the two weary travellers back home.
Such a public display of affection is rare for Stuart and Kate, who have been plagued by rumours 
of a split for the better part of a year, after reports surfaced they were living apart and had both stopped wearing their wedding rings.
Time apart appears to have worked wonders for their marriage.
Big kiss!
And one for mum.
In August, sources told Woman’s Day the retired rugby league player, 36, was living at the couple’s newly purchased Bowral house, while Kate was staying 
in Sydney with their little girl.
Then, in February, Kate was 
seen without her wedding 
ring during a girls’ trip away 
to Queensland, sparking yet 
more rumours of a rift.
Still, it seems the couple, who have been married since 2010, have put any problems behind them.
Stuart’s girls are clearly delighted to be home.
The former footy player is overjoyed.
Usually tight-lipped, Kate also couldn’t help but comment on their future recently, revealing her dream of adding to their family one day.
“It’s the question on everybody’s lips – not just for 
me, but for everybody,” she said.
“Of course, I would love to 
have more children, but for 
now Mae’s wonderful and 
I’m just enjoying her.”
Look at my bag!
The trio couldn't be happier
Pic Credit: Matrix

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