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Is it over for Kate Moss and Jamie Hince?

It’s fair to say that Kate Moss’ love life has been an epic rollercoaster of emotions and along for the ride have been the some of the industry’s biggest names. Her 2011 marriage to Jamie Hince was meant to be different, so what has gone wrong?

By Blake Nadilo
Their marriage has long been considered a strong one, up until now.
According to British newspaper The Sun, Kate Moss and her rocker husband Jamie Hince haven’t spoken to each other in weeks following a “blazing row” at their North London home.
The pair have also not been pictured together since April 10.
A source told the paper: “'things are so bad that they have been avoiding being at their place at the same time.”
While another insider hinted at the severity of their collapsing relationship: “‘there have been arguments and jealousy, although nothing is going on with either of them. They both seem interested in other things.”
It’s alleged that the 41-year-old is furious that her husband has been spending so much time with Lady Mary Charteris, who Kate has made no secret of expressing her dislike for.
Marriage troubles first became apparent when the musician attended his wife’s favourite event, Glastonbury, without her.
The British bombshell has also made some solo trips of her own, including a holiday to Turkey to celebrate her bestie’s, Sadie Frost, 50th, where she was escorted off the plane for bad behaviour.
It was reported that Kate was fuming her husband was a no show at the event, and had not made enough effort to make the trip.

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