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Kate Holmes and Jamie Foxx are about to share their love with the world

Is Hollywood's worst kept secret finally out of the bag?

By Bella Brennan
There's nothing worse than meeting the man of your dreams only to realise you have to keep it under wraps because of your (rumoured) watertight divorce contract, which (apparently) forbids you from having a relationship in the public eye.
But as Katie Holmes counts down to the five year anniversary of her break-up from Tom Cruise, chatter out of the US claims she finally feels ready to go public with her boyfriend of four years, Jamie Foxx.
"She was super worried about the attention [but] she’s tired of playing this hiding game," an insider has told US Weekly.
“They’re going to go out to dinner more often and plan to start going public," the source added.
Since they fell in love all those years ago at a charity benefit in the Hamptons in 2013, Katie and Jamie have become experts at conducting their romance behind close doors.
During their most recent escape to Paris last week, US Weekly reports that the five-star Park-Hyatt Vendome became their base - hello room service!
When it comes to dinner dates "they'd close the whole restaurant or book a private room."
But the novelty has worn off and you can hardly blame them - we'd be pretty sick of having to spend every romantic encounter locked up in a room as well, not to mention how many cute couple selfies would never get to see the light of day.
Flashback to where it all began in the player below! Post continues after the video...
Jamie and Katie are planning a trip to Europe together in the coming weeks.
The pair are already loosening up their approach. In April, they were spotted out in public on a cosy dinner date in NYC and it's believed they'll head to Europe in the coming months for a summer escape.
As for what their relationship is like, friends close to the actress tell the publication: "they dance and just talk for hours."
“She gushes about how amazing he is. She says she loves him from the tips of her toes to the top of her head.”
And Katie's 11-year-old daughter Suri Cruise gets along with Jamie's little girl Annalise, 7.
"Suri is close with Annalise," the insider explained.
Jamie's daughter Annalise has grown close to Katie's daughter Suri.