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Kate Fischer tells: “James Packer wants me back”

She’s double her size, twice as happy, and wants ex-fiancé James Packer out of her life.

The model formerly known as Kate Fischer has lashed out at her ex, billionaire James Packer, asking him to leave her alone – 18 years after he broke off their engagement and paid her millions of dollars to keep the details secret.
“James Packer will do anything to continue to be associated with me!” she claimed last week in a post on her Facebook page, after Woman’s Day published an exclusive story about her modest new life in Melbourne.
“And who can blame him? The whole world knows that 
I’m the most interesting thing that has and ever will happen to him. Attention whore that he is… Isn’t Mariah enough for you?"
WATCH: Kate Fischer in the trailer for Sirens. Post continues after the video...
Tziporah was all smiles.
“James Packer will do anything to continue to be associated with me!”
“You also need me to keep you in the limelight as much as possible? Pathetic. It’s been 20 years James – leave me alone, enough already.”
Tziporah publicly pleaded with the billionaire to “leave me alone”, saying she was finally happy now that she was out of the public eye and living a quiet life in Melbourne, working as a therapist in an aged care health facility.
The former model still knows how to strut her stuff for the cameras.
James Packer famously called off their two-year engagement in 1998.
The Aussie-born star has lashed out at ex James Packer, asking him to leave her alone.
The former model and actress, who legally changed her name to Tziporah Atarah Malkah some years ago in recognition of her Jewish heritage, says she’s much happier since dropping off the radar to search for spiritual enlightenment.
She also says she’s “comfortable” with her fuller figure.
Tziporah is happier than ever living in Melbourne and working in the health care industry.
The 42-year-old, pictured at the Australian Idol finale in 2005, used to be a regular on the social scene.
Heartbroken Kate famously fled Australia for LA after billionaire James Packer ended their two-year engagement in 1998, to escape the limelight and the enormous shadow the Packer family and its billions cast over her.
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