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Kate and William's kidnap terror

Fears for the safety of Prince William and his wife are at an all-time high as the pair’s security is labelled ‘incompetent’.
As royal security experts warn of a terrifying new threat on the lives of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, the strain is showing in the dark circles under Kate’s eyes. Stepping out with her bodyguard for a three-hour hair appointment and a spot of grocery shopping – her first public outing since her husband left for his tour of duty on February 4 – Kate’s fragile appearance makes it clear she is missing her prince.
But, more than simply being lovesick, sources close to the duchess tell Woman’s Day that Kate is terrified her beloved Wills will be killed on his dangerous six-week tour with the Royal Air Force in the distant Falkland Islands. Publicly, the 30-year-old duchess has put on a brave face, declaring, “My job is to support my husband.” But privately, we’re told she is losing sleep over the increasing tension in Argentina and the countless death threats William, 29, has received from those outraged at the prince’s presence on the islands on the 30th anniversary of the Falklands War.
“I hope your helicopter crashes and you die frozen in the sea,” is just one of the many hateful messages wishing death upon William in revenge for the 649 Argentinians killed in the war. Even the country’s president, Cristina Fernandez, has inflamed passions, describing the prince’s tour as the actions of a “coarse and decadent colonial power”.
Now, in news that is certain to shock the palace even further, experts on royal security have revealed that the protection surrounding both Kate and William is inadequate – and both their lives are in real danger. Speaking exclusively to Woman’s Day, Chris Rose, a former personal protection officer to Prince Charles, explains, “The problem is that William and Kate face all the same threats that the royal family have always endured – Irish terrorists, unstable stalkers, kidnappers, etc, but now there are terrifying new threats, like al-Qaeda and even Argentine terrorists.”
Find out more about why William and Kate are being watched over in this week's Woman's Day on sale February 13, 2012.
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