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Has Karl Stefanovic's wedding sent him broke?

The Today host and his new bride Jasmine better tighten those purse strings!

It was dubbed the showbiz wedding of the year, but Karl Stefanovic and Jasmine Yarbrough's extravagant Mexican nuptials cost the Today star an arm and a leg... which he didn't have to spare!
"Karl set aside around $500,000 for the wedding, but when he realised it was blowing out, he started making changes," a source tells Woman's Day.
"He just doesn't have that sort of money to play with."
Has Jasmine's love for the finer things in life sent Karl broke? (Image L-R: Media Mode/Getty Images)
One wedding guest tells us Karl, 44, cut off the bar tab at midnight at both the welcome beach party and the reception.
"It was pay your own way from then," says the source. "Guests started leaving quickly after that. Some thought it was pretty ordinary to expect everyone to fork out for flights and accommodation and then have them cough up for their own drinks!"
Karl footed the travel bill for his three children, Jackson, 19, Ava, 13, and River, 12, Jackson's British girlfriend Anna, his mum Jenny, Jasmine's parents Bob and Cheryl, and several other family members. Tickets cost between $7000 and $19,000 return.
Also costing a pretty sum was the stunning LED orb structure the reception was held under.
"It was about $70,000 to rent. Jasmine was obsessed... she just had to have it," reveals our source.
WATCH: Julie Bishop cuts loose on the DJ set at Karl Stefanovic's wedding after party. Post continues after video...
Then there's the matter of their five-day Aspen honeymoon. While Karl and Jasmine were meant to stay at his mate James Packer's mansion, those plans fell through, meaning the couple had to find alternate accommodation at the last minute.
We're told this proved very costly, given it wasn't just Karl and Jas in need of lodgings, but also the family and friends they invited along.
James was originally meant to host the wedding at his polo ranch in Argentina, but canned it. "I think he's over the freeloading," adds our source.While Karl earns around $3 million a year, our source insists he's actually "pretty cash poor".
Last Christmas, Karl reportedly spent about $250,000 flying 34-year-old Jasmine around the world.
"This is just the beginning of the holidays and he's already blown the budget," says the source. "And if he does end up leaving Today, what then?"
Karl reportedly spent about $250,000 flying 34-year-old Jasmine around the world. (Image: Getty Images)
Karl is also still paying child maintenance fees to his ex-wife Cassandra Thorburn, and paying the rent on two properties as well as the mortgage on his children's family home. But could there be one more Stefanovic child arriving?
Our wedding insider reveals Karl and Jasmine were overheard telling guests that a baby will soon be on the way.
"They mentioned it several times," spills the source. "Jasmine is ready to have a child of her own. They might have even fallen pregnant on their wedding night!"
A pregnancy announcement would be the best Christmas present for Jasmine's parents Bob and Cheryl, who are beyond ready to become grandparents.
"Bob even mentioned it in his wedding speech," adds our source. Two will soon become three!
Jasmine may have even fallen pregnant on the wedding night! (Source: Supplied)
A second source tells us the couple happily accepted freebies where they could, including their wedding rings and Jasmine's couture J. Andreatta gown. Custom gowns by the Sydney-based designer can cost up to $25,000.
Karl's long-time accountant Roy Spagnolo was also at the wedding, and was spotted flying out of Mexico with the newlyweds a few days later.
"Maybe Roy had the calculator out wondering how much this whole thing was going to blow out?" says the source.
"We suspect what's happened is that Karl told Jasmine she could have whatever she wants. But then the bills started to mount and he realised not even his salary was going to leave him any change."

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