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"I thought she was going to hit me!" Karl Stefanovic on Georgie Gardner's reaction to Uber scandal

The never-ending Ubergate saga continues...

By Bettina Tyrrell
The infamous Uber scandal is one nightmare Karl Stefanovic and his brother Peter can't seem to shake.
In March the brothers were busted when an Uber driver leaked details from a phone conversation where they bad-mouthed Karl's Today co-host Georgie Gardner, 46.
Recently, Karl, 43, revealed his Channel 9 network bosses "weren't happy" with him after the news broke. And now, speaking with Hughesy & Kate, the Today host has responded to the scandal again, this time sharing how Georgie reacted to the drama.
The Today show host paid a visit to Hughesy & Kate.
Karl, who visited the radio studio with his co-anchor Georgie, told Dave Hughes and Kate Langbroek he was deeply sorry over the incident, adding: "Georgie was so incredibly good about that, for God's sake, I thought she was going to hit me!"
As for Georgie, she says she was blindsided by the story.
"There was something in the paper that was alluding that there was going to be war at breakfast, and I thought, 'Gee I wonder who that is?' And then it became, 'Oh, hang on. It's us'," she explained.
Kate then asked if Karl had forgiven his brother Peter, who had his phone on speaker during the 45-minute chat in the back on the Uber, resulting in the pair getting caught out.
"He's just a s**t of a brother and a shocking person," joked Karl. "He's irresponsible."
Georgie says she was blindsided by the Uber drama.
It appears the Today hosts have buried any bad blood post-Ubergate. While on a recent visit to The Kyle and Jackie O show Karl was effusive in his praise for his co-host.
"Are you and Georgie good?" Jackie O asked Karl.
"No, we hate each other," the 43-year-old joked, before adding: "Georgie and I, we love working together. She's fantastic."
Karl went on to explain that if co-stars don't get along, then they simply just wouldn't work together.
"If you didn't like working together, you wouldn't do it. You would not sign up for it, unless you did."
"I think she's wonderful," he added.

Details of the Uber phone call

An Uber driver alleges Karl complained to Peter about his new Today co-host Georgie, saying she needs to "step up" if she "wanted to stay on the show," during a phone conversation happening over speaker-phone in the back of his car.
The Nine star also apparently vented that Georgie "didn't have enough opinions" and accused her of "sitting on the fence."
Karl also took aim at the show's veteran entertainment reporter Richard Wilkins, claiming he "kept all the entertainment contacts close to his chest."
The 43-year-old also said the Nine bosses were "out of touch" and "didn't know anything."
Meanwhile Karl's younger brother Peter, 36, who works for 60 Minutes and Today Weekend, complained that his roles were "sucking the life out of him."