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Too funny! Karl Stefanovic thinks Richard Wilkins' hair is hilarious!

TODAY co-host Karl Stefanovic tells us what he really thinks of Richard Wilkins' hair – by following a parody account on Instagram!

By Amber Elias
Just as we’ve rolled out of bed, embarking on an eyes-still-shut search for the closest (and, err, cleanest) coffee mug, Richard ‘Dickie’ Wilkins is tressed to impressed, lighting up the screen as part of the TODAY breakfast show panel most mornings.
While the veteran entertainment journalist is renowned for his movie reviews and celebrity interviews, it’s his never-out-of-place, doesn’t-even-need-gel head of hair that often gets Australian households talking.
Need proof? Well, even though the 62-year-old’s hair may not be as iconically Australian as the Sydney Harbour Bridge, it does have its own Instagram account.
Yep, the too-funny account is a stream of photos, memes and videos all depicting Dickie’s hair in plenty of weird and wonderful ways.
Clearly finding the Instagram account as funy as we do, co-presenter Karl Stefanovic is a fan of the page – as is Sylvia Jeffreys and, yes, even Dickie himself!

It seems Richard Wilkins’ hair is a running joke within the hallways of Channel Nine - and the entertainment editor may not kind of suffer for it...
Sylvia Jeffreys led the teasing on the TODAY show earlier this week when she commented that Dickie’s mane-taned crown may have upset a toddler in trending video they were showing in the segment.
Dickie then stormed off the set in a tantrum for over an hour – but don’t worry! It was all in good humour, the TV stars claim.
Seeing as a lot of time, effort and scissor work possibly goes into keeping Dickie’s hair in shape, we find it hilarious that he would even consider letting anyone but his own stylist cut his hair, let alone Karl!
Last March, Dickie gave the always-laughing presenter permission to trim his locks pre-show.
“Chop into it, Karlos, it grows back in about two hours,” he said, according to the Daily Mail.
You’re one brave man, Dickie. Brave, indeed…

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