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EXCLUSIVE: Karl Stefanovic and Jasmine Yarbrough's wedding budget blowout

Like any wedding, the couple are spending way more than they bargained for!

By Anita Lyons
They're only hours away from getting hitched, and today, Karl Stefanovic and Jasmine Yarbrough's friends and family are soaking up the Cabo sun by the hotel pool.
While the wedding, which is being held at the One and Only resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, is a dream destination, the downfall, like any other nuptials, is the cost.
Karl and his wife-to-be are said to have spent a hefty sum of between $350,000 - $500,000 and now that they have reached the big weekend, are "cutting back where they can".
Karl Stefanovic and Jasmine Yarbrough's wedding is estimated to cost between $350,000 and $500,000. (Source: Instagram)
According to an insider source, friends of the couple "received an update to the original itinerary" just hours before they arrived in Cabo.
Starting with the "beach chic" welcome dinner on Thursday, each event had been altered with different start and finish times.
"The welcome dinner started at six and finished at nine," the insider revealed. "This was cut short to try and minimise costs as I know Karl is very stressed about how much the wedding has blown out."
"The moment the clock struck nine, the festivities were closed. The bar remained open, however, it was then pay your own way."
Karl and Jasmine at a wedding of friends earlier this year. (Source: Getty)
The nuptials themselves have also been reduced significantly with the start time of the ceremony being pulled back two whole hours.
"It seems like they have cut a lot of times down to minimise costs," the source said. "If they held it at the time they meant to, everyone would have been drinking until the reception [two and half hours], so they pushed it all back so you go straight from ceremony to reception."
While it certainly is taking its toll, the wedding itself hasn't been the only money guzzler.
"Karl flew his entire family over," our source revealed. "His mother, his kids and his Aunty, but Peter and Sylvia paid their own way."
Although the wedding budget has blown out, Karl still looked blissfully happy during their welcome dinner. (Source: Supplied)
Although the wedding budget has blown out big time, nothing could dampen the couple's enthusiasm.
During their welcome dinner, Karl made a brief welcome speech, and started by saying: "Can everyone just have a look at how beautiful Jasmine looks tonight".
"He then made everyone do three 'hip hip hoorays' for Jasmine, but he wasn't satisfied with how enthusiastic it was so he made everyone do it again three times," our source revealed.
"Karl then read out a poem from his publicist that highlighted the rules of the event in a funny poem."
The hashtag of the wedding was also revealed, #letsgetfizzykarl (which "Karl sung in the tune of Let's Get Physical), because he refers to Jasmine as J-Fizzle.
Jasmine looking simply stunning in white at the welcome dinner on Thursday. (Source: Supplied)
On Friday night (Cabo local time), the bride and groom enjoyed a very intimate rehearsal with sixty of their close friends and family.
Jasmine, who can simply do no wrong when it comes to fashion, looked gorgeous in a hot pink, slinky floor length luxury UK Galvan gown, which has been estimated to cost $1,460, however, the Mara and Mine shoe designer opted to go without shoes for the occasion.

Today, the black tie ceremony will happen around lunchtime AEST, and this is where they will officially say 'I Do', inside the chapel.
"Then we head down to the beach for an eight-course dinner, and then head upstairs to the ballroom for entertainment and dancing," the insider said.
On Sunday (Cabo local time), the newlyweds will throw a lavish "Studio 54" themed disco party to end their weekend of festivities.

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