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Karl Stefanovic and Jasmine Yarbrough honeymooning with the kids

The new Mrs Stefanovic is helping to heal old wounds.

It's claimed their Mexican nuptials cost upwards of $1 million – but the wedding gift Jasmine Yarbrough gave her new husband Karl Stefanovic ended up being priceless.
After two years of being estranged from his eldest son Jackson, the Today host appears to be mending their relationship – and Woman's Day hears it's all the new Mrs Stefanovic's doing.
Not only has she helped bring Karl and Jackson, 19, closer, but newly minted stepmum Jasmine insisted Jackson's two younger siblings, River, 12, and Ava, 13, accompany her and Karl on their five-day Aspen honeymoon!
Jasmine has helped to bring Karl and Jackson closer together (Image: Instagram @karlstefanovic)
The group looked every inch the happy family as they strolled through LAX airport last week.
Jasmine was spotted chatting away to Jackson, while Ava shared headphones with her new aunty Jade Yarbrough.
"Jasmine was making a real effort with the kids. It was a bit odd though – she and Jackson look more like brother and sister then stepmum and stepson!" reveals a fellow passenger.
Karl and Jasmine also flew Jackson's British girlfriend Anna out from the UK so she could join him in Mexico.
"Jasmine has a really strong bond with her own family, so it was her priority that they all find some common ground.
Her grandmother Belle also told her she needed to make it work with Karl's kids in order for their marriage to have a chance," reveals our source. "Jasmine knows if Karl's vasectomy reversal isn't successful, then it's even more important for them to all be a family, as this could be the only chance she'll get to be a mum."
Jasmine is making a real effort with Karl's kids. (Images L-R: Media Mode/Instagram @karlstefanovic)
Sources say Karl and Jackson have long had a "difficult relationship", but things escalated when Karl split from the kids' mum Cassandra Thorburn in September 2016.
In March this year, Jackson didn't attend Karl and Jasmine's commitment ceremony in Sydney's Palm Beach, as he was away in Europe on a gap year adventure. A month later, he changed his Instagram handle from "Jackson Stefanovic" to "Jackson Thorburn".
"It was such an ugly split between Karl and Cassandra, and Jasmine has a lot of work to do to mend some of the stuff that's gone down," says the source. "She was horrified when Ava and River ran away from the first wedding and was adamant the second wedding wouldn't turn out the same way."
The shoe designer, 34, already had quite a good relationship with Ava. The pair hung out during the October school holidays and Jasmine let Ava name the puppy she and Karl recently adopted.
"Ava's been the most accepting of the three kids. It makes sense – she loves fashion and is keen to do some modelling," says the source. "Jasmine and River aren't as close, but she's been working hard to get to know him better. All three kids must be so torn, though, knowing how much their mum is hurting."
WATCH: Karl Stefanovic and Jasmine Yarbrough's journey to love. Post continues...
It's highly unlikely Cass and Jasmine will ever be close. But, adds our source, Jasmine knows she now needs to be a mother figure to Karl's children, and will do anything to clean the slate and make a fresh start. Given that the kids hate the limelight, she's even willing to cut back on red carpet events for family nights in.
"Jasmine needs to make sure both she and Karl attend the children's school events."
Ava and River have their high school years ahead, so this is an opportunity to be really present in their lives, to help them with homework, to do school pick-ups… It's the only way forward."

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