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Karl Stefanovic is ringless - so what!

The ring finger-watchers have caught the TV host without a wedding brand. Judging by the photos we've found he's been breaking up for years then ...

The headlines turned up in feeds last night and this morning - Karl Stefanovic, rumoured to have split for his long-time wife, has been snapped by photographers getting on with life without his wedding ring. Of course, this can only mean the marriage is over and the ring is sitting sadly on the bedside table in the spare room at Jamie Packer's Bondi pad, where Karl is now apparently living.
But a quick cruise around shots and footage of the married father-of-three shows struggled ANY photos of video of him wearing a wedding band EVER. Not even in the photos of him with his wife Cassandra Thorburn and his kids.
We at aww.com.au have come to the conclusion that Karl is a bloke that doesn't wear a wedding ring. So maybe we should start getting all excited if he shows up actually a band of marriage on his ring finger because what will that mean?
Here's a few images we've collected clearly showing an unadorned finger since 2007...
Karl ringless on TV this week. PHOTO: Channel Nine
Karl ringless in 2014. PHOTO: Getty
Karl ringless out with his wife Cassandra. PHOTO: Getty
Karl ringless winning a Gold Logie in 2011. PHOTO: Getty
Karl ringless in 2007, with host Lisa Wilkinson. PHOTO: Getty
Meanwhile, the 42-year-old Today Show host is still remaining mute about the state of his 21-year marriage, neither confirming or denying whether he has moved out of the family home while he and Cassandra work on their relationship.
Media reports that emerged over the weekend claim the pair, who have three children together Jackson, 16, Ava, 11, and 10-year-old River. He then took a day off work on Tuesday, fuelling more rumours, and yesterday was scrutinised as he debated Brangelina bust-up, talking about the privacy issue.

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