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Grant Denyer & Karl Stefanovic's hilarious (and very public!) quips to Larry Edmur have given us life

The cross-network banter we never knew we needed.

By Faye Couros
Somewhat unexpectedly, an Instagram battle of Australia's wittiest TV personalities has unfolded before us.
It's almost a necessary prerequisite for a TV show host to be funny and quick with their jabs, and this is something Today Show's Karl Stefanovic, Network Ten's Grant Denyer and The Morning Show's Larry Emdur know too well.
Which is why after Larry uploaded a self-deprecating post onto his Instagram, both Grant and Karl were quick to jump in on the joke.
The OG post that started it all. Instagram
The Instagram moment that set off the battle of the funniest presenter featured Larry shrugging at work while donning a face mask and standing in a box labelled, 'TMS RECYCLING'.
He captioned the picture, "My 40-year tv career captured in a single photograph."
Grant Denyer was first to jump in with an equally, if not more, self-deprecating comment at the expense of them both.
"You have the box upside down, that's what I stand on to get served at the coffee shop downstairs," he wrote.
Then Karl entered the chat by throwing in this shady comment, "That's my hair box 📦."
Grant and Karl's savage comments will live on forever on Larry's Instagram grid. Instagram
But Larry was not going to take these savage swipes from his box, so in retaliation and to preserve his honour, he made a new post in response to the slandering comments.
In self-defence he wrote, "🤣🤣 I'm being heavily trolled for my last post about my box by these two stalkers.
In the rest of his post, he opened up about how the comments have affected his emotions and have made him feel exposed.
"I feel vulnerable, like a naked sunbaker being stalked by a deer. 😎 @karlstefanovic_ @grantdenyer," he finished.
In the comment section, Karl's wife Jasmine Stefanovic went rogue when she posted a series of emojis in Larry's support.
"😂😂😂," posted Jasmine.
How will Karl respond to his wife's support for Larry? Instagram
Grant and Karl have yet to respond to Larry's latest allegations, but we are sure they are sharpening their wit in anticipation.
This is not the public squabble we expected, but it's the one that has given us life and the most brilliant entertainment to lighten up our day.
Although, we do hope Larry manages to clothe himself before his stalker deers make their comebacks.