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Karl Stefanovic reportedly finalises divorce with Cassandra Thorburn

The Today Show star has closed the book on his split from Cassandra Thorburn.

By Bella Brennan
Karl Stefanovic has reportedly finalised his divorce with his wife of 21 years, Cassandra Thorburn.
According to The Sunday Telegraph the 42-year-old has given his ex-wife over $6 million worth of assets and will continue to pay child support for their three children Jackson, 17, Ava, 12, and River, 10.
It's believed Karl and Cass will share joint custody of the kids and the Gold Logie winner was cooperative in the financial agreements.
Since his split with Cass, Karl has struck up a new romance with Jasmine Yarbrough.
It's also been claimed Karl, who is paid a rumoured $3 million a year, was given $500, 000 worth of assets, including his Mercedes.
The pair have since sold their family home in Lindfield while Cass is living in their $8 million mansion on the water in Cremorne.
"There was always the sense that it would be a big settlement and obviously not in his favour," an insider told the publication, before describing the end result as "tough" on Karl.
"He was quite prepared to walk away with nothing, hand everything over with the one condition that he be able to see his children whenever he wanted," the source added.
The Today Show host has reportedly given his ex-wife over $6 million worth of assets.
Meanwhile as the dust settles on their split, KIIS FM host Jackie "O" Henderson has spoken out over the public backlash he's faced since their break-up.
"They see a mother, she's stood by him for all those years... This is what a lot of women would think: this is a lovely lady that stood by him for years, they have a family and they see him leave her," Jackie explained during a segment with entertainment reporter Peter Ford on Monday.
“And this is what they think: ‘he’s just left her for some young 20-year-old and he’s cavorting around, kissing her, cuddling her, for everyone to see,'" she added of his new relationship with model Jasmine Yarbrough.
"This is what women think and they also believe 'that could happen to me.' And it can happen to you. They take it out on Karl, their anger and insecurities, and they're blaming him. And it probably will take some time for him to repair that," the mother-of-one added.
Jackie O has addressed the public backlash against Karl, revealing many women can sympathise with Cassandra.