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Kaia Gerber reveals mum Cindy Crawford's most embarrassing traits

Yes, even supermodels can be daggy!

By Mahalia Chang
She might be well on her way to becoming a supermodel, but Kaia Gerber is still a teenager and that means can get embarrassed by her look-alike mum.
14-year-old Kaia gave a hilarious interview with her model mum, Cindy Crawford, to The Thick, where she revealed the one thing that her mum does that embarrasses her most.
Speaking about their online and social media habits, Cindy teased Kaia that she finds her mum’s Instagram embarrassing.
“I can’t say the same [about being appropriate on social media] - I know you’ve been embarrassed when I use too many hashtags!” Cindy cheekily replied, to which Kaia gave a knowing laugh.
Sitting in their sprawling Malibu mansion, Kaia and Cindy were on hand to promote the release of Cindy’s first book, Becoming, which showcases the star's incredible career.
“As much as I did the book for my fans who grew up with me, it’s also for those people to share with their daughters the same way I’ve shared it with you,” Cindy revealed in the interview, “Which is why, throughout the process, your opinion was very important to me.”
“Most people only know you through your photographs, so to read what you have to say about them is exciting. The images may be iconic, but until now nobody has heard the stories behind them from your point of view,” Kaia agreed.
To which Cindy quipped, “Did I pay you for this?”
“You can, later!” Kaia laughed, “There are stories in the book that even I hadn’t heard before. You’ve always given me great advice, but I never realised how much you’ve accomplished.”
Uncanny! Kaia and her model mum. The teenager looks so much like her mother, pictured on the right when she was just 23, back in 1989.
Cindy, who’s spoken out about her worries over Kaia’s career before, also commented on the pressure to look supermodel-perfect all the time.
“Once you said something like, ‘even I don’t wake up looking like Cindy Crawford. Unless they’re superhuman, nobody’s going to look perfect all the time,” Kaia said.
“You’ve seen it first hand!” Cindy laughed, “By the way, that’s how you’ll know when you find the right husband - when he thinks you look your best the way you wake up, without doing your hair, makeup, or anything.”
Cindy’s book Becoming was released on the 29th of September.

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