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Justin Timberlake gets slapped by a fan at the golf

JT didn’t take it lightly either, and the fan was arrested shortly after.

By Elizabeth Best
Justin Timberlake copped a nasty surprise when he was walking through the crowds at a golf tournament recently.
The star was walking with his security team at the at the American Century Celebrity Pro-Am in Lake Tahoe when a fan came up to him and slapped him!
And boy was Justin unimpressed.
Video of the incident, obtained by TMZ, clearly shows a hand come into shot and slap the singer on the back on the neck.
He didn't look very impressed. (Image/TMZ)
He turned around angrily, yelling, “Why would you do that?”
After the incident, JT walked off but that wasn’t the end of it.
Although the 35-year-old neglected to press charges over the incident, security was later seen talking to the culprit.
JT is currently promoting his film Trolls with Anna Kendrick. Watch their heart-meltingly amazing song together below, then post continues.
He recently attended a panel with Anna for Comic-Con.
Apparently, he was an overzealous fan who just wanted to touch the megastar and got a little carried away.
He reportedly also got a little carried away when staff attempted to escort him from the property, appearing very intoxicated and un-cooperative.
He was then arrested for disorderly conduct.

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