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Justin Timberlake just crashed one lucky couple’s wedding

The newlyweds were in the middle of taking photos when the star appeared out of nowhere to surprise them!

By Elizabeth Best
He may not have RSVPd, but we’re sure Justin Timberlake was one welcome addition at this couple’s wedding!
The Suit and Tie singer, ironically not wearing a suit at all, decided to crash the couple’s big day in New Hampshire in the US, according to the Daily Mail.
Justin snuck up on Chelsey Gaudet and Ryan Parks as they were taking photos at the Mount Washington Hotel.
Both Chelsey and Ryan appeared super surprised, with one guest even saying “Who’s this guy?” as he walked up and interrupted the photo session.
Surprise! JT makes a grand entrance.
The 35-year-old Grammy winner then took the time to shake the groom’s hand, offer his congratulations to the happy couple, and pose for a few snaps.
Bride Chelsea gushed about the event to Entertainment Tonight.
We'd love JT to come to our weddings please! Get all the details of Justin's surprise in the clip below, then post continues.
Chelsey was thrilled with her wedding day surprise.
“So we were taking the first-look photo and all of a sudden Justin Timberlake appears out of nowhere, shakes my husband’s hand and congratulates us and takes a photo!” she said.
“We thought it was so awesome of him to do that,” she said.
“But we had no idea that it would go viral.”
He may not have had his suit and tie on for the big event, but Justin being there was pretty amazing for the happy couple.
The bride explained that her dad and then husband to be had spotted JT in a diner and asked for a photo, and he’d shown up to their big day not long after as a special surprise.
Apparently an eagle-eyed onlooker videoed the whole event, too.
In the clip acquired by the Daily Mail, Justin poses for the snap before saying “I have another wedding I actually have to make! Congratulations!”
Justin's not the only celebrity wedding crasher in town. Watch the moment Taylor Swift showed up at a fan's wedding and surprised them with a song in the clip below.

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