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Justin Bieber's Aussie drug scandal

From top 10 hits to 12 hits from a bong everyday.
With what we’ve learned about him in the past few weeks, it comes as little surprise to discover that out-of-control pop star Justin Bieber got into his share of drug trouble during his Australian tour in November.
But the 19-year-old singer, now facing DUI charges in the US, got off lightly when it was found he’d been smoking marijuana in a five-star Sydney hotel.
On top of his $9000 bill for his three-day stay in Sheraton On The Park’s best suite, it can be revealed that Justin was also forced to pay $300 a day as a penalty for smoking pot in his room.
Hotel staff said the hefty charge is usually applied only once, enough to give the guests the non-smoking message. But if evidence of smoke was detected subsequently by housekeeping staff, additional $300 fines applied.
The Sheraton’s management refused to comment officially on the drugs scandal.
The Canadian-born teen pop sensation’s life has been spiralling out of control recently, with friends and aides so worried about his “12 bongs a day” marijuana habit and cough-syrup addiction that they’re urging him to go into rehab before it’s too late.
During his stay in Sydney, Justin made a visit to King’s Cross’s Bada Bing strip club, where he met several strippers and allegedly took them back to his hotel room.
While on the Gold Coast, he became embroiled in controversy when he sprayed graffiti on the QT hotel.
And even before Justin arrived for his Australian tour, his heartthrob appeal had started to wane as more and more reports emerged of his wild lifestyle, including serial brothel and strip club visits.
At the time, one industry heavyweight claimed Justin was “doing a very good impression of an enfant terrible, which seems to be putting off his fans”.

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